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Found 13 results

  1. Site URL: https://habitat-wc.org We went live with our newest Squarespace site yesterday and it seems to be stuck processing the SSL certificate. It took less than an hour for the certs to be generated, but its status has remained "Processing" for the last day and it's not listing the domain as valid for the cert (per the recommended test site https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html) . DNS seems to have fully propagated and we haven't had any intermittent records showing up as invalid (which has happened in the past). I was planning on just waiting it out based on past forum posts, but o
  2. I've connected the domain (from NameCheap) to the site I'm working on and the domain works perfect. The problem is, when I navigate to various pages (specifically when I press buttons that take me a page within the site), it tells me the the site is not secure and I shouldn't proceed. I've figured out that the issue is that the SSL certificate isn't active because the domain is not correctly connected to the site. It highlighted the issue in the dns settings. It's an incorrect A record... I already have four connected... but for some reason there is a fifth. But it's formatted differently. I'l
  3. Hi, My website appears to visitors as 'not secure' and Squarespace is telling me that my DNS entries cannot be found. Does anyone know how I can make my website secure? I am new to this so do not know anything about SSL Certificates etc. My domain is with Names.co.uk. Thanks. Faye
  4. Site URL: https://fullfill.coach Hi all, Hoping someone can help as the attached message shows when accessing my site from another computer. I haven't messed with any SSL settings, and so it was already set to 'Secure'. Reading through Troubleshooting guidelines, I'm assuming it's because I have used Custom Code on the site? I would really appreciate it if someone can take a look for me? PW - fullfill Thank you!
  5. Site URL: http://TaystTheNotes.com Hello, I notice my sites certificate will expire next month. Is Squarespace taking care of its renewal? Thank you Jeff
  6. Hi, I've created a website a couple of years ago, but I only could only recently come around to work out the small details. When I enter my website on the browser, it tells me the connection is not secure unless I enter https://www before the url. Since there is no account options or data fields to enter sensitive information on the website (except for a contact form) this is mostly a cosmetic issue, but seeing "Not secure" next to the URL isn't a nice thing for visitors. I also cannot expect visitors to enter all the prefixes either. The DNS settings appear all in order and the
  7. Site URL: http://grapefruit-tambourine-pwf4.squarespace.com My domain is still not connected after 2 weeks, and it keeps telling me that I have an "A record" that I should remove from my DNS, but I do not have that record! My domain is from Namecheap. The record Squarespae tells me to remove is "", I looked it up and it points to namecheap in NYC, idk if that means anything, but again i do not have this record on my namecheap DNS. Does anyone know how to solve it?! Thanks a lot!!!! See the attachments for reference.
  8. Site URL: http://www.jeffkrueger.net I am new to Squarespace and building a commerce site in 7.1. The site has not been launched yet. Recently I have been unable to get to the checkout page from my shopping cart. In the past this was not a problem. Now I am getting a page that reads, And when I follow the log in link I get a 404 message. I tried different browsers as I thought Firefox ad/popup blockers might be the problem. Same result. I tried Commerce test mode on and off. My SSL certificate is active. Though I had troubles initially getting SSL
  9. For some reason, my images are uploading as http on my site as opposed to https, which is causing Google Chrome to list my site as "not sure" - anyone know why this is happening? These are newly uploaded images, uploaded long after the SSL certificate was activated... Thanks!
  10. Hi, We're building a support site for a Corona support group and we have a domain that came with the account, but also a new one registered externally that needs to become the primary domain. We successfully connected the external domain and turned it to primary but SSL is after 24h still 'processing'. This gives us issues with 'unsafe website' warnings etc. How long does this take normally? Can this be rushed in this time of urgency in regards to Corona crisis? Thanks!
  11. Site URL: https://barrinagardens.com.au Domain hosted by: GoDaddy Old SSL hosted by: GoDaddy Site hosted: Squarespace I've done a transition from GoDaddy. I'm cancelling hosting there, my site is live on Squarespace now. I can't transfer my domain from GoDaddy to Squarespace because they don't support .com.au domains. My question is can I cancel my old SSL subscription on GoDaddy? Is the SSL now 100% from Squarespace?
  12. I have seen some older posts about this but all answers have been 'we will explore this in the future'. Just curious as to whether any updates have progressed? Is it possible for Sqaurespace to support a custom SSL on their domains? I understand they have their own automatically generated SSL cert however we would like the option to provide our own. We have several for other websites (non-Squarespace) so it just streamlines our sites.
  13. Logo loads over http instead of https, that's what google console says, but it only happens on the home page, on others, it works fine. Here is a website: https://www.happyhelenfitness.com/ You can see an error in the console. Please, let me know if you have any ideas how to fix this error.Thank you
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