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  1. Sure thing. The collection is on https://tmt.squarespace.com/artists-2 PW: notyet on the individual artists pages, I need to hide the gallery and also the price and Add to Cart button. I know the selectors to use for these, but can't seem to make them work on just this collection...
  2. I'm trying to hide the Product Item Gallery for items in a specific store collection. I've found the collection ID and have tried: #collection-60cd14ac0d607355f16bf708 .ProductItem-gallery { display: none !important; } It seems like this should work, but I'm obviously missing something. Any insight would be much appreciated. Thanks!
  3. Does anyone know of any plugins or some other way to blacklist/ block a specific person from making purchases from an online store. One of my clients is has a problem customer... Helpdesk said there is no built-in function to block specific IPs etc at this time. Thanks for any ideas!
  4. I'm running into this too trying to set the number of columns to be different for each portfolio page. I building a site with 3 different portfolio pages. I'd like fore each one to have a different number of columns. Does anyone know of a way to do this while we wait for a possible future update?
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