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  1. OMG I figured it out! I googled it and it said something about Ajax loading. Ajax loading was defaulted to "on" in the site styles section of the design tab. I unchecked it and VOILA! Problem solved!!!
  2. Here's the code: <script src="https://widgets.mindbodyonline.com/javascripts/healcode.js" type="text/javascript"></script> <healcode-widget data-type="appointments" data-widget-partner="object" data-widget-id="2b106608d09e" data-widget-version="0" ></healcode-widget>
  3. Yes, of course they said there's no problem on their end since the code shows up properly on their site as well as the squarespace preview. I do think it's a squarespace issue since the code works fine on the backend. I am convinced it has something to do with that screen refresh thing but I can't figure out why it refreshes in the published view but not on the back end. Any thoughts on why that might be the case? I have attached a screen recording showing what happens on the published page when I try to load the appointments. You can see the page completely refresh. Screen Recording 2023-08-22 at 10.52.44 AM.mov
  4. Another thing I have noticed is that in the preview mode, the page doesn't refresh, it merely loads the appointment times. On the published page, the page actually reloads and takes you to the top. I'm guessing this is part of the problem.
  5. I've created a "practice page" since I can't go live with this widget without it working properly. Here's the page: https://www.sullivangolf.net/practice-page You can see when you select an option in the drop down and click "search" nothing populates.
  6. I am having some trouble with a widget I am trying to add to my site. In the preview on the backend, the widget is loading the schedule properly but when I navigate to the published page, it doesn't load. I have attached a screenshot of what it should look like when it loads and what it DOES look like on the backend.
  7. @Beyondspacetried that...here's what happened.
  8. @paul2009in doing a little bit of research it is probably a mind body issue. You're right, they don't seem to play well with others. I have looked at a couple of widgets on other websites and they are not good. Mind Body told me to contact Squarespace and Squarespace sent me here. Overall really having a good day with customer service...
  9. Full disclosure...I'm not a tech person and am trying to do this on my own. We are converting to a new scheduling software and I am attempting to embed codes for registration, scheduling, class sign ups, etc on my page and the formatting doesn't seem to be working properly. I have attached the view from the host site and also the view from my site. It appears that the font blends in with the background, however it is black on the host site. I have played with the font color on both squarespace and Mind/Body to see if I could fix the problem. The Mind/Body techs have said it's not a problem on their end, that it's probably a problem with Squarespace. Can anyone help me??? Thank you. Lauren Here's the link to the page to see what it looks like: https://www.sullivangolf.net/practice-page
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