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  1. A solution that allow some sort of user locale recognition would require custom scripting. 

    A few tips/words of caution

    • Although it is possible to translate the language of most pages the ecommerce checkout and the wording of any emails sent by the system can only be in one of several default languages (English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and (I think) Italian.. ..there could be more).
    • Automatic translation software can be very bad so I would advise choosing the key languages you want to support and concentrate on getting good quality translations made by a professional translation agency.
    • Automatic language detection is not going to be 100% accurate. There are public free/cheap APIs that allow pretty reliable location detection. However,  it's not always possible to deduce the users language from their location. Take Canada and Belgium where there are multiple languages spoken, or even the USA which has a significant Hispanic heritage population.  For this reason you can guess at the user's language but should always provide a mechanism for changing to a different language. 

  2. Are you referring to fully justified text?

    If so, I would warn you against using it. Justified text on screens reduces the ability of all people, but especially dyslexics and people using screens readers, to read and understand copy. 

    There is a wealth of research to support this.





  3. Users can right click an image and see an option to download. 

    However, this will download the size optimised version that Squarespace serves up which could be smaller that the original. 

    To allow downloading of the original get the address of the image on the page (right click and Copy image address).

    Paste the address into a document then chop off anything from ?format= to the end of the address (?format=750w in the example below)


    Copy the modified image address and use it as the link for a Squarespace button. Set the link to open in a new window. Depending on the user's browser settings it will open in a new window or prompt to download. 

  4. Add the following to your custom css area after any code that may already be there

    // Change color of close, next and prev icons
    .sqs-lightbox-close, .sqs-lightbox-next, .sqs-lightbox-previous {
    	&:before {
    		color: #000 !important; // Substitute whichever color you want - I have set it to black #000
    // Force arrows to always be visible
    .sqs-lightbox-next, .sqs-lightbox-previous {
    	opacity: 1 !important;


  5. Actually, it is controlled at OS level rather than browser level. Android and iOS have both blocked autoplay background video until recent releases. 

    The attributes needed for autoplay to work are 

    • autoplay
    • muted
    • playsinline

    The first two apply to Android and iOS, the third is iOS only. 

    Even then there are numerous exceptions that can  prevent autoplay from working.

    • If the video has a soundtrack
    • if the device is in Low Power or Battery Saver mode
    • some browsers apply the muted attribute incorrectly and this blocks playback 
    • ..and others


  6. Squarespace domains work so that you have a primary domain. This domain name is the one that appears in the browser address bar. 

    Other linked domains effectively act as pointers to the primary,

    To do the type of forwarding you're asking about you would need to set up external DNS rules on the beyondyourmd,com DNS control panel. However, this would resolve to the missybane.com domain in the address bar. 

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