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  1. To point to another server domain.com/wiki would need to redirect to a subdomain like wiki.domain.com or any other domain. 

    Squarespace doesn't have PHP.

    Neither does it have the ability to upload files in a folder structure - allfile uploads end up in a /s/ directory. 

    If you enable developer mode you can overcome the folder structure problem but you still couldn't use PHP. 


  2. This is the best I can do without having access to your site. 

    It adds 35px of padding to the top of every poster image subtitle (the body text) and this will shift both the text and the button down. You can tweak the 35px value to get the desired spacing. 

    However, this rule will apply to every poster image on the site. Without access to the site I can't narrow it down to particular instances of poster blocks. 

    .sqs-block-image .design-layout-poster .image-subtitle-wrapper {
        padding-top: 35px;

    Add the code to your custom css area

  3. This would require some custom JavaScript. It's achievable but it's beyond the scope of 'quick fix' solution.

    Actions would be:

    • Either make announcement bar permanent or create a dedicated contact bar
    • Add oncliick scripting so that clicking  contact bar links opens the relevant lightbox
    • Make the content of the announcement / contact bar easily maintainable.

    Drop me a line if you want to discuss further. 

  4. The code for that time block doesn't contain a year value that can easily be made visible. However, there is a datetime stamp (highlighted below) that could be used to grab the year using JavaScript and then insert it into the date-wrapper.

    To implement this solution you would need to be on a Business or Commerce plan because the Personal plan doesn't support scripting.  


  5. Do you mean this kind of thing? [Put it at the bottom of your custom CSS].

    .collection-type-blog.view-item {
    	.Blog-meta.BlogItem-meta {
    		flex-direction: column;
    		text-align: center;
    		order: 7 !important;
    		.Blog-meta-item {
    			.Blog-meta-item--author { 
    				display: block; // show author name


  6. Try adding the following to your custom css, after any code that may already be there. 

    @media only screen and (max-width: 640px) {
    	#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1572055006330_3766, #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1572055006330_10549 {
    		// This removes top and bottom padding from both image blocks
    		padding-bottom: 0;
    		padding-top: 0;
    	#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1572055006330_10549 {
    		// This adds a bit of top padding to the bottom image block - tweak as you like
    		padding-top: 5px;


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