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  1. This can also be done with Mailchimp once someone subscribes to your newsletter/mailing list you can then have their first welcome email contain a download link.
  2. You can do this with an HTML meta tag, tested this on one of my own forms: <meta http-equiv="refresh" content="0; url=http://new-website.com" /> Source: https://css-tricks.com/redirect-web-page/
  3. I don't believe so, but I would then suggest setting up a team email with your email/domain provider. If you are using Google Apps you can create a 'group' i.e. team@yoursite.com. Ig you are using Gmail you could setup a filter to forward that email to multiple emails.
  4. It looks like they built their template from scratch using the Developer Platform: http://developers.squarespace.comhttp://base-template.squarespace.com I would suggest though if you are not familiar with code, that you start off with a regular template like Bedford or Pacific and customize it with the Style Editor and add in a Gallery Block to achieve the header: http://squarespace.com/templates/?q=bedford Hope this helps!
  5. Hi Marva, What you're trying to do is better suited towards a full template where you can add images side by side with the image block, make them clickable and/or add buttons underneath them. Here are some simple ones: http://squarespace.com/templates/?q=om http://squarespace.com/templates/?q=native http://squarespace.com/templates/?q=avenue Just remove the demo content and links and you'll have a blank page.
  6. Hi, Have you tried the Gallery block? You can turn off the thumbnails: http://help.squarespace.com/guides/using-the-gallery-block
  7. Hi, Have you tried the Gallery block? You can turn off the thumbnails: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205813728-Using-the-Slideshow-Gallery-Block
  8. Guides:http://help.squarespace.com/guides/using-code-injectionhttp://help7.squarespace.com/guides/using-code-injection
  9. The simplest way would be to switch to the Flatiron Template :) Or you can try making a Gallery and adjusting the settings: http://help.squarespace.com/guides/using-the-gallery-page
  10. This can be accomplished by adding custom CSS using the CSS Editor:https://css-tricks.com/examples/CSS3Gradient/ Which background are you trying to target, the main background, or header background?
  11. Consider posting a link to your site so the community can take a look.
  12. Squarespace currently integrates natively with Stripe and does not support Square. For support for Square check out their documentation: https://squareup.com/help/en-us Options 3rd Party Registration System - Eventbrite, Picatic, Eventbee thatallow you to embed payment forms for events. You can embed registration codes easily. Squarespace Commerce - Create a product through SquarespaceCommerce and label it as an event,you can still collect informationfrom your attendees though it won'tlook like event registration out ofthe box. Forms - Others have done/suggestedevent registration from externalforms that can accept payments likeWufoo. Squarespace's forms can'taccept payments currently. Square - Custom code/embed code from Square,I'd advise against this as it couldbe time consuming instead of otheroptions that are meant for eventregistration. Hope this helps!
  13. Try the CSS id '#yui317211406143415153265' instead of the '.desc-wrapper p'Here's how I found it by inspecting the CSS element:
  14. Target the description wrapper class and p element like this: .desc-wrapper p { text-shadow: 1px 1px 1px #000; } Custom CSS Editor: http://help.squarespace.com/guides/using-the-css-editor Reference: http://css-tricks.com/almanac/properties/t/text-shadow/
  15. You can add a search bar with the Search Block and add it when you're in Style Mode, no code required:http://help.squarespace.com/guides/using-the-search-block#toc-add-the-search-block
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