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  1. Solved it with this code setTimeout(function(){ $(window).scrollTo('section[data-section-id="your-unique-id"]')}, 3000);
  2. Hello. Is there a way to make an automatic smooth scroll from section 1 of the page to section 2 after a few seconds? Probably with javascript.
  3. Thanks for the response @tuanphan I've already found a solution for this one.
  4. I've tried to adapt the code found here https://codepen.io/yoseftuk/pen/RwPrJXx to my case, but still no luck. My custom cursor just gets stuck in the border of the iframe element without hiding.
  5. I have purchased and installed Lightbox Anything plugin for adding Lightbox to the Portfolio Hover layout on the website. It works fine overall but there is a huge issue with the section margins. For some reason, Lighbox adds margins in between sections even if there weren't any on the original page which is redirected to the lightbox. I have contacted the creators of the plugin but it seems like they don't get the problem... Here are screenshots of the original page and its formatting and the lightbox version. On the mobile version the upper title in Lightbox also gets a margin between the video. Is there a way to code inject something inside the Lightbox plugin? I saw such an option in the manual but don't know how this command should be formulated. My website is: https://gardenia-copper-8dp3.squarespace.com/ Pass: LightboxAnything Thank you.
  6. Hello. I've been trying to hide my custom cursor when hovering over embedded video from Vimeo. Found this code on the web and tried to Code Inject but it doesn't work in my case. <script> let iframe = document.querySelector("iframe"); let videoWrapper = document.querySelector(".project-component_extra-embed"); let mouseCursor = document.querySelector(".cursor"); iframe.addEventListener("mouseover", function() { mouseCursor.style.display = 'none'; }); iframe.addEventListener("mouseleave", function() { mouseCursor.style.display = 'flex'; }); videoWrapper.addEventListener("mouseover", function() { mouseCursor.style.display = 'none'; }); videoWrapper.addEventListener("mouseleave", function() { mouseCursor.style.display = 'flex'; }); </script> My website: https://evolsound.squarespace.com/work Pass: LightboxAnything (The issue can be seen on any of the projects) Does anyone know how this can be done?
  7. Have been searching for the solution all the day and found this code: @media screen and (min-width:768px) { [data-section-id="63b98b7bf0927a3da7f725da"] { padding-top: 0 !important; } It helped to get rid of the top padding but moved the project titles up as well. And also behaves weirdly on a laptop screen (it hides the upper titles row). Is there a way to reduce the section top padding only for the overlay images without affecting the titles?
  8. So I found a solution for the first issue. This code helped me out: .portfolio-hover-item:hover{ z-index:1 !important;} However, if there is a Delimiter set in between project titles (I had a slash) it brings it to the front as well. I don't know how to get rid of this so I decided to get rid of any Delimiters 🙂 Still struggling with the second issue though. Anyone?
  9. Hello everyone! I'm struggling to make Portfolio page work the way I want. It is in Hover: Follow Cursor layout. There are two issues: 1) I want the title of the project to be in front on hover (as shown in the Image1). There is even an option within Foursquare to do so (Selection In Front). However, after I save it with this area ticked on it doesn't work anymore and just shows the project image on hover without a title (Image2). I guess there is a need to make something " !important " in Custom CSS, but I have no idea what command I need to make important so it will always pay attention to that. 2) The project image can be dragged all the way to the bottom of the section (while moving the cursor) but seems like there is a top margin. Is there a way to get rid of the top margin? And also is it possible to change the size of a portfolio section like that? The website is: https://gardenia-copper-8dp3.squarespace.com/ Password: LightboxAnything Really appreciate your help.
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