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  1. thanks for that! I wanted to actually have a different size for the title and the price with the title bold. I wanted to match the screenshot below as much as possible.
  2. oh of course! Thanks very much!! I didn't think of that!
  3. I would love to reduce the size of the product titles and price on the Mobile homepage. I have already used code to reduce it on the product page for mobile but it doesn't seem to transfer across to the homepage. https://www.peterotoole.ie I'd like to Bold the titles for eg and reduce the size of both to match what I have done on the other pages of the site. Thanks a mill!
  4. I was wondering if it's possible to have 2 columns on content on the homepage for mobile only? https://www.peterotoole.ie Thanks!!
  5. Unreal! I learned something new in the process as well. I really appreciate your help!
  6. That is insanely useful!! wow. just downloaded the extension but my products disappear when I use it. Do you happen to know what's happening here?! Thanks again!
  7. Hi there, What code would I need to add to give 'product add-ons' rounded corners? https://www.peterotoole.ie/shop/cork/p/cork-2024-calendar Thanks a mill as always!
  8. Thanks for that! That works for one of the calendars but not the other calendar or the gift bag? Thanks very much!
  9. I added it into Custom CSS but if you checked, it wouldn't of been there as I removed it since it wasn't working. I have since re-added it however and should be there if you check. I also noticed there is another product on that page that shouldn't have a sale graphic. See below. If I could remove the Sale from these 3 it would be great!
  10. Thanks so much for the reply! i tried the code above and it doesn't work I'm afraid. Also, it's important that the code only removes the 'SALE' from these 2 items and not other items. Thanks a mill.
  11. How can I remove the 'SALE' from these 2 products on my homepage? I have successfully removed it elsewhere with code but struggling to get it removed here. https://www.peterotoole.ie Thanks very much!
  12. Hi there, Is there some code that would keep the 'Login' link the same size as the navigation links? At the moment, the login link is roughly the same size on mobile but on tablet, it's very big! https://www.peterotoole.ie Thanks!
  13. I actually realised I was pasting the code and changing the type to CSS. when I left it as HTML it works! Thanks so much!
  14. I am struggling to find the location of where I can change the size of this title 'You might also like' on the product page. Can someone either point me in the right location or is there some magical code that I can use to increase it etc. https://www.peterotoole.ie/shop/cork/p/12-pubs-of-cork-calendar-2024 Thanks a mill!
  15. sorry i accidentally marked it as the solution! When i leave the code there, it's visible to customers as you can see below. Maybe i'm doing something wrong if it's visible?
  16. Hi there, tried that but it doesn't work i'm afraid 😞
  17. Hi there, so this would be one of the of the many portrait products https://www.peterotoole.ie/shop/cork/p/12-pubs-of-cork-calendar-2024 It's just important that whatever crop is applied to portrait products that is doesn't affect the landscape products. Thanks so much!
  18. Is it possible to have product-specific cropping? I sell photographic prints & calendars on my store and my portrait prints/calendars are very small, especially on mobile. Is there any magical CSS code that can change the crop on portrait thumbnails on the product page for mobile especially? https://www.peterotoole.ie Thanks as always!
  19. Hey there, I think my newsletter signup form header 'stay in the loop...' is currently using H2. How do I change this to a different header such as H3 or H1? https://www.peterotoole.ie Thanks a mill!
  20. I am slightly confused with SEO and i was hoping someone could help clarify a few things for me if possible. Is adding SEO Info in say Photoshop, the same as adding it in the SquareSpace Organisation panel or do you need to do both? I was also under the impression that by importing an image which already has SEO applied to it, that this panel would populate with the keywords that were added to the image but it doesn't. I wish Squarespace had a copy paste approach to keywords, as manually adding them one by one is a nightmare when you have hundreds of products! Any help in this area or a better way to do it would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!
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