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  1. Looking at same problem today with our website Canyoneering USA. As suggested above, site search works sometimes, but inconsistently. If I type in a query, then refresh 5-6 times, I eventually get a result. Not good enough, Squarespace. It's disturbing this issue has persisted for months without a response or solution.
  2. Site URL: https://www.friendsofdevilslake.org/ We would like to add an image of our president's signature to our donation receipts, but the stock editor does not offer an "insert image" icon, nor an opportunity to edit the code. Is it possible to add an image to donation receipt notifications? Thanks! Nick
  3. I have been messaging with Squarespace support on this issue. Apparently, the IP addresses Squarespace uses have been flagged by SpamCop (Squarespace confirmed this). I am no longer receiving emails from at least four of my Squarespace websites. I whitelisted the IP addresses Squarespace recommended, but it has not solved the issue. Fortunately, I am logging emails to a Google Doc as a backup, and that log is still receiving/recording submissions. Seems like a MAJOR PROBLEM on Squarespace's end, which has been going on for at least a week.
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