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  1. I have these short social media videos on our site, they're uploaded to Squarespace (not linked to Vimeo like most of my other videos) and they all seem to work fine on my computer. On my phone (droid) however, it sometimes allows me to play the videos and sometimes the block goes black and it says "Video unavailable. Try playing something else." and I cannot play any of them. Any ideas why this would be happening?
  2. Has no one figured this out? I'm having the same issue.
  3. Site is https://www.thecolorcrew.com/home-041322 Password is Blender76
  4. I tried to do this, make the columns divisible by 12. I had 2 spacer blocks, so reduced it to one, leaving 6 columns. This did not solve the problem, the first "Photography" lottie file is still larger than the rest for some reason. Any other suggestions?
  5. I have five code blocks lined up, with lottie files in each one. The first code block is too big, and even if I change the size width-wise or height-wise, it stays larger than the other blocks (you can see the Photography lottie file touches the edge of the section line, and the rest of them are a bit offset up from it. All the codes in each block are exactly the same, with different lottie files referenced. The lottie files themselves were built by me, and they're all the same size, font in the same location, etc. I'm pulling my hair out!!
  6. I'm using 7.1, and I added some videos into a summary box. (It would be great if I could just add videos to a gallery like in 7.0 but c'est la vie I suppose) Anyway! Is there a way to get the video to open in a lightbox rather than going to the page the video is hosted at? I added the videos themselves as an unlinked video collection page. Also, the first image shows the summary block with the 3 videos, but it would be awesome if I could get some kind of slider arrow on either side showing more videos, like the second image.
  7. Hey! The Lottie file isn't playing now, just stays stuck on the original first frame. Any suggestions? The link does work, so that's awesome. BTW, your answers are always amazing, thank you so much. I have used a lot of your responses on this forum to help me out before.
  8. I'm not sure where to put these things you're saying, sorry I'm very new at this. What would the code look like in the end? Like this (oh god please don't laugh if this is ridiculously wrong!): <lottie-player hover loop mode="normal" src="https://assets9.lottiefiles.com/packages/lf20_ruuytjtm.json" style="width: 300px" > </lottie-player> <href=http://thecolorcrew.com/ target=_blank>
  9. I have code blocks for lottie files, which I want the user to be able to click on to open another page. My lottie code looks like this: <lottie-player hover loop mode="normal" src="https://assets9.lottiefiles.com/packages/lf20_ruuytjtm.json" style="width: 300px" > </lottie-player> Is it possible to have the animation be clickable to open in a separate tab to another page?
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