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    Am I understanding it right thinking that SS integration is for PP payments only and if I want a credit/debit card option for my customers I need to make a Stripe account and connect it to SS?
  2. Vitto

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    If my customers could use PP account and credit card using SS built in integration I would gladly get rid of PP generated button and go with SS option. However I didn't see credit card option there.
  3. Vitto

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    Thank you for your reply. Yes, I do have PP connected in SS. I opted to use PP generated button because the built in SS option did not give my customers an option to use credit card, just PP accounts.
  4. Hello all, I'm almost done with my site at which I plan to sell some of my art in digital download form. I've ran into a small problem. Since I can't modify Checkout Page when using Squarespace and I'd like to receive payments using PayPal and credit cards I added a "Pay with PayPal" button under each of the products (I got the button code from PayPal). When I press the button a PayPal window pops up where I can either log in to PayPal and pay using that or continue as guest and use a credit card. Everything so far is smooth and goes through. After the payment info is completed the PayPal window closes and my site displays a little window saying "My Site" thanks you for your purchase, and I can click OK to go back to the site. Here's the problematic part, the customer isn't getting an email with a download link to the purchased file and no confirmation page pops up after purchase with the link to the digital file. In summary I'm receiving the payment without any problems but the customer has no way of downloading the product file. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Jack.
  5. Thank you for the reply Agha, sadly it didn't work. Maybe I didn't explain what I'm trying to change the right way. This is what I have in "Inspect" view <a id="site-title" href="/" data-animation-role="header-element">MY WEBSITE</a> and I'm trying to change it to this <a id="site-title" href="/home" data-animation-role="header-element">CADRE NOIR ART</a>. Obviously "Inspect" is only temporary so I need the code for this change.
  6. Would this be the right code to change where clicking the header takes me to? <div class="header-title-text"> <a id="site-title" href="/home"!important> </a> </div> Right now clicking header on any page takes me to MySampleSite.com and I'd like for it to take me to MySampleSite.com/home instead.
  7. Hi all, here's another question. You know how in the product section you can have "All" section and then split it into subsections depending what you need for your products. My question is can you sort what's shown from top to bottom in the "All" products tab. It looks like the default sort pushes the last set of items added to top. Any way to specify or force it to show what I want up top of the list? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. If I make the change in the "Inspect" view is there a way to pull it/copy it in a way that I can paste it into Custom CSS as a code to make it work?
  9. Hi, I have a coding question. Squarespace built in styles wouldn't let me change a color of one of the element so I went thru "Inspect", found the element I needed and changed it with some extra code. Here is the example: the original code -> <button title="Remove Item" aria-label="Remove Item" data-test="remove-item"><span aria-hidden="true">X</span></button> (where the "X" is black) and the altered code to display the "X" in white: <button title="Remove Item" aria-label="Remove Item" data-test="remove-item"><span aria-hidden="true"><font color="#fffffff">X</font></span></button>. It did change the color like I wanted so that I can see the "X" in white on a black background. My problem however is that it doesn't save it this way. Each time I change it and either close the browser or refresh the page it resets to default which is black. Is there a way to save the changes I made in "Inspect"? Or is there a way to go about it in a different way? Please help.
  10. Hi, I'm in the process of making my website and I ran into a small customization problem. On the "shopping cart" page where to cart's contents are displayed there is an "X" icon which is the Remove Item "button". I'd like to change it's color. I tried going thru all the style colors and none of them controls it. I'm guessing I need to change it in "Inspect" view. Any idea how I could go about it? I was able to find its element in the "Inspect" list but no matter what I add as the color value it stays black. I'd like to use a black background and I already have that set but if the element is black and background is black I won't be able to see it. Any help or coding/html example how to change it to white would be greatly appreciated.
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