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  1. Thank you I will look for the video response re Blog 2 I have this, which does not include 'Options' Am I missing something?
  2. Did you have any thoughts about the other two questions in my thread (Blog 2 images and Changing video width on mobile)? I'd be very grateful!
  3. Also, I asked the question elsewhere but haven't seen a response. If you look at the home page you'll see a vimeo video that loads well and looks good (I think) on desktop/tablet On Mobile however. as you can see, it is cropped. Is there a CSS to resize for mobile, please? And finally(!) Hopefully a simple question. On Blog2 ('Words' on my menu) the images heading the blogs appear on the gallery. When I add new posts however, this doesn't happen Thank you very much for your help
  4. Having the same problem on https://gecko-kangaroo-fesb.squarespace.com/ I have tried the CSS - as you will see from the attached Thank you for your help
  5. Site URL: https://gecko-kangaroo-fesb.squarespace.com/ I've just successfully used the following code to change the navigation menu to a hamburger and to make the hamburger larger @media screen and (min-width:950px) {.header-nav, .header-actions { display: none!important} .header-burger { display: flex!important;} .header--menu-open .header-menu {opacity: 1; visibility: visible;}} .burger-inner .top-bun, .burger-inner .patty, .burger-inner .bottom-bun { height: 6px; width: 50px; } .burger--active .burger-inner .top-bun, .burger--active .burger-inner .bottom-bun { width: 50 px; } .burger--active .burger-box { right: 30px; } But, I also want to insert the word 'Menu' above it. I've tried this: /* Menu text */ .mobile-nav-toggle:before { content: "Menu"; position: relative; left: -50px; } But it didn't work Thank you in advance
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