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  1. Thanks so much!! It works perfectly. 👏 Now these images are optimised for mobile 'feed' view - pretty much full screen, I don't think the lightbox adds any value really. So I've just made a new post: do you know if there's custom CSS to disable the lightbox for mobile only? If it's tricky, I may just disable the lightbox completely, sacrificing it on desktop too. Cheers
  2. Site URL: https://coconut-lobster-36me.squarespace.com/ Password: izette Hi I was wondering if it's possible to easily disable the lightbox functionality for mobile only, while it still remaining functional on desktop? Thanks
  3. Thanks @tuanphan! That's awesome. I now understand this broadly means 'on mobile' (portrait) - good to know for future 🙂 @media screen and (max-width:575px) But how do you find / know that the elements are called these specific things?? .gallery-lightbox-controls .gallery-lightbox-control-btn I have a real basic understanding of css, but these little bits of info unlock a whole load of customising options! It would be amazing if there's a list somewhere that has all the element names consistent across all Squarespace templates - if not, we should make one 😄 I'm sure it would be super valuable.
  4. Assuming the intention is purely to communicate information, I think it is great! Contractors and waste haulers will arrive on the site and can instantly learn where and when to visit. I'd agree with what Rasmus says about surfacing the other information on the home page - this will help any visitor get more of an understanding, without having to rely on them clicking to find. Also, here are some options you can use as a favicon:
  5. Site URL: https://coconut-lobster-36me.squarespace.com/ Password: izette Hi! I've found similar questions to this, regarding product lightboxes but struggling to work out the CSS for my site... Is it possible to add arrows to mobile lightboxes? (or at least not have the arrows disappear when the width is narrow?) Here's how the arrows appear on desktop - which is OK: But when it's viewed on mobile, they don't appear: Please let me know if this is something custom CSS can help with! Thanks in advance 🙂
  6. Site URL: https://coconut-lobster-36me.squarespace.com/ Hi! I was wondering if someone could help me with a site I'm pulling together URL: https://coconut-lobster-36me.squarespace.com/ Password: izette I have some Project Pages with galleries on (with 2 or 3 columns on desktop). It would be great if these could be just one column on mobile. Currently the homepage exhibits this behaviour as desired but I wondered if it could be replicated with custom CSS for the Project Pages. Pretty much the opposite of this! Here's the homepage on desktop: Here's the homepage on mobile looking good with the one column: Here's a Project Page on desktop - fine with 3 columns: Here's a Project Page on mobile... Ideally this would be just the one column. Thanks very much in advance!
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