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  1. WCS's post in Colour change code for accordion was marked as the answer   
    @Callan The CSS for this should be:
    #block-yui_###### .accordion-item__description{
      color: white !important
    Is that what you were using previously?
    Sometimes CSS doesn't display on the backend unless you save, leave the Custom CSS window, refresh, and then go back in. 
  2. WCS's post in Why can't I hide images on Mobile only using the CSS I'm adding? was marked as the answer   
    @graphicabyss  Is it removing the image in the mobile preview, but not on your phone? If so, then you may have to adjust the max width to 720. I had to do this for a client recently.
    @media screen and (max-width: 720px) {
    #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1689763110049_14549 {
    display: none !important;
  3. WCS's post in Why can't I change the point size of the excerpt in a summary block? was marked as the answer   
    @JDED  Try this code and let me know if it works:
    .summary-excerpt p:last-of-type{
      font-size: 12px
  4. WCS's post in Put lowlight on hyperlinks but only on Paragraph 2 was marked as the answer   
    @Chanel1990  Try the below code and let me know if it works! 😊
      background: linear-gradient(180deg, rgba(255,255,255,0) 65%, #e1c4ff 65%);
      display: inline
    This article shows some more options as well: https://www.beatrizcaraballo.com/blog/low-highlight-heading-links-squarespace
  5. WCS's post in NO css works was marked as the answer   
    @LorenR  That sounds so frustrating. Here are a few good starting points!
    Add !important to your code .header-nav-item a:hover{color:#ED217A !important} It could be that you've incorrectly added some code. I'd copy/paste it from your Custom CSS section into something like Notes. Add items back in one at a time to see if any work or have an error notice.  Clear your code and add the below. If h2 text turns red, it's working.
      color: red !important
  6. WCS's post in How to code bottom footer was marked as the answer   
    @IsobelleLans If you're on 7.1 Fluid Engine, you can do this without code!
    Hover over your footer and click 'Edit Footer' Then hover at the bottom of your website and click 'Add Selection' (should appear in blue) Add a blank section Click the pencil to edit the section and toggle off 'Fill Screen' Change Row Count to 1 In doing this, you may find:
    That it's easier to add your text prior to doing step 5 That Squarespace is adding the new section above your current footer, even though you told it to add it below. Simply hover over the section and click the down arrow to bring it to the bottom Let us know if this solution worked for you 😊
  7. WCS's post in How to change the position of menu items in the header? was marked as the answer   
    @mjanas10 You can do this by ordering your pages. The way they appear stacked on the left is the order they'll appear in your navigation bar ☺️ Simply click and drag the Climate page to be the last page in the Main Navigation section.

  8. WCS's post in Changing the font size blog header, Brine was marked as the answer   
    @JohnBrewer Are you sure your template is Brine? This is what I'm seeing in the Site Styles. 🤷‍♀️
    You can tell by going to Website > Design > Template
  9. WCS's post in Membership pages or Course pages was marked as the answer   
    @AmyCSH  You could do this through Member Sites but you'd have to pay for that capability and it seems like you could do this without having to set all that up -- especially since those that have already signed up would need to do so again in order to create a profile that allows them access.
    I'd recommend having:
    Page 1: A landing page for the webinar with a form.  Page 2: A password protected page that has links to the call, course materials, and a store selling the items you want them to purchase after watching your presentation.  On Page 1, they fill out the form (since it's free) or subscribe to your emails -- whichever you'd like. Either way, you can customize the post submit to include a link to Page 2 with the password. I'd recommend using the html box to make the message in one of your header fonts. 
    *** For those that have already signed up, you can simply email them the Page 2 information! 
    Here's a sample of the post-submit text text:
    Thank you for subscribing! Please visit <a href="https://westerlycreative.studio" target="_blank" >www.westerlycreative.studio</a> and put in password TACOS to access the webinar content. 
    How to modify the html:
    <h3> Font size
    Thank you for subscribing! Please visit <a href="Put the Page 2 link in here" target="_blank" (Makes it open in a new tab) >Insert what you want the hyperlink text to be </a> and put in password TACOS to access the webinar content. 
    </h3> Must match first font size
    What it looks like when you add it:

    If you're worried about people missing it, you can also send an email to those who sign up with that information. 
    The potential downside to this is that other could share the password and let other people in. However, setting up an approval system for so many people probably isn't worth your time. 
    Congrats on getting 100 people signed up! 🎉🎉
    Membership Options
    1. You could sell this as a Digital Download, which could be a PDF with links to all the content. Google Drive works great for this. 
    2. Coaching could be a Service Product, which can be a 1-time fee or subscription based. You can share the link to the resource on your call with them or via email. 
    "Lifetime access" can be a difficult thing to ensure. I'd just give them the download link and tell them they have xxx days to download it, but that's just me. For example, what if Squarespace stops supporting Member Sites in the future? If you went that route, you'd have to pay for that function indefinitely and then switch it if/when that changes. 
    You could do Member Sites or the coaching group and release the products free to them each week. However, if they aren't doing anything else in the group, then you're just adding steps for both you and them.
  10. WCS's post in Designing a full website behind a single landing page was marked as the answer   
    @mdotwyou  Of course -- glad that solution works! 🙂 
  11. WCS's post in Form Button Style was marked as the answer   
    @CoorlasArchitecture  We can adjust the padding around newsletter sign up buttons to create a similar look!
    Try this code:
    // Submit button padding
    .newsletter-block .newsletter-form-button {
        padding: 0.5rem 1.7rem !important;

    How to install it:
    Website > Website Tools > Custom CSS
    Adjusting values:
    If it doesn't look exactly how you would like it to look, try adjusting the below.
    0.5 rem = controls vertical padding
    1.7 rem = controls horizontal padding
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