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  1. Hi @KelliRad! Your photography work is stunning. Congratulations on getting a website up! I'd recommend making a few updates: Put your logo / site title in your navigation so that people don't have to refer to your domain name or footer to know who you are. Adding a background color to your website footer will help it feel a little more complete. I'd also suggest adding a sentence or two about who you are / what you do. It looks like you have 2 links to your instagram in your footer but you only need one. 🙂 As a photographer, don't forget that implementing some basic SEO practices you can help you reach a wider audience. Take a look at Squarespace's guide for some tips: https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/205814568-Increasing-your-site-s-visibility-to-search-engines
  2. Whenever I design, I always look at current trends, local competition, and industry leaders to determine how to use my client's branding. When reviewing their color palette, I take into consideration their brand personality and target audience to make sure I'm using the colors in a way that properly communicates who they are. For example, if it's a boutique I make sure I'm utilize their neutrals more than any other colors. For more energetic sites, I utilize either brighter colors or larger sections of color. I typically start by determining what the button accent color is, then what 2 - 3 section backgrounds I want to use. Lastly, I select the footer color to compliment the other decisions I've made. The three most common color-related errors I see when revitalizing sites are: 1 -- People have low contrast buttons. You want to make sure that button text is highly legible! 2 -- People use mid-tone grey text. Not everyone has great eyesight and browsers + devices display text differently. 3 -- People only have white backgrounds. With 7.1, it's so easy to use fun splashes of color or calming light neutrals to break up the content on your page. Give your content distinction and utilize different backgrounds.
  3. I tried this but it removed the image in that section from mobile view. Any idea how to fix that?
  4. Thank you - I haven't finished setting it up for tablet yet. 🙂
  5. Thank you!!! That worked perfectly. I really appreciate it.
  6. Site URL: https://alligator-horse-4t36.squarespace.com/ Context: On my homepage, I have code to enable a split screen. The first section is text, the second is a fullscreen slideshow gallery but it displays with the images on the left and the text on the right. On mobile, it stacks the gallery slideshow gallery on top of my text. For mobile, I want to: 1. Switch the order so that the text appears first, then the slideshow below (they are in different sections) 2. Make the slideshow 75% as tall Password to website: 1
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