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  1. Thanks for posting this! I've been baffled by this error. I use Numbers and was about to try Google (err) ... Tried this first and it saved time and further aggravation. Thanks again. 🤗
  2. Reformatting product images with a square white background for use in a 1:1 ratio resolves the issue of the formatting (but not the issue of painstaking rework).
  3. This "feature" should be redesigned and corrected as it is essentially cropping carefully curated images without rhyme or reason. Squarespace seems to be doing a lot of two-steps forward and one step back.... I am resizing images to have a large white background and they, too, are having the product area cropped off. Applying one aspect ratio setting to all of the images in a batch is not solving the issue either and is, indeed, a waste of time. I want the entire product to be displayed as customers expect to see an entire product before they buy it. If I go to edit the photo, it shows the proper image area, so why can't that area be displayed on the screen?
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