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  1. Yes the example of this is actually within Squarespace so say you hover over the headings on your left like pages, design or commerce it has a swiping left underline on hover
  2. Site URL: https://swedishhouseathome.com How do I move my Index gallery text so it’s underneath the images to the left? It’s bottom left on the image but my client wants it underneath.
  3. This worked fantastically thanks @creedon Im also trying to create and effect when the underline of the header menu swoops to the right when you hover over it . do you know how id do this?
  4. Yeah I did thanks, one thing I’m stuck on though is how i shorten the width of the line on both sides so the lines centred but not touching sides of page?
  5. Trying to put a search bar in the header on template 7.0 is there a css for this
  6. Site URL: https://www.reallygardenproud.com Does anyone know how to add dividers to navigation on mobile templates 7.0 & 7.1 like this
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