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  1. Thanks, but I found the solution :) the class has changed since the post of 2014, and now you must put an !important to the display:none. So here is the code to those who wants to remove the quantity field : <style> .product-quantity-input{display:none!important;} </style> Have a nice day !
  2. It seems that there is only the product price which can disappear.. If anyone has a solution to remove the quantity field, it would be awesome !! Thanks
  3. This plugin is wonderful but it's not free.. It's free until the plugin is seen 100 or 200 times.. After what you must wait for the next month to unlock it.. You have to pay a monthly tax, choosing the number of times you want the plugin to be seen. If someone now a similar option, totaly free, it will be awesome 🙂 (sorry for my english). Have a nice day,
  4. Site URL: https://www.atelierastickers.com Site URL: https://www.atelierastickers.com After many many few months ago, I built my first website! I'd love your feedback: What are your first impressions? Is there anything that's super clunky? Do you have any thoughts for enhancing/improving the design or the User Experiece ? What did I miss/overlook? Thank you all! 🙂 Website: https://www.atelierastickers.com
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