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  1. You’re right, spend some time on the email title, it will decide if it’s even opened or not. keep it short and sweet, people don’t spend a lot of time reading emails, you should be aiming to link them to something. intrigue your customer, use great imagery, and again keep word count low. You should be able to concisely answer why you’re sending the email and how you are helping your customer- is it really helpful? Respect your customers time, and never try to trick them. Be honest and upfront about everything. Decide on your tone of voice, I’ve posted about this on my
  2. Wally Ollins writes in his book the brand handbook; “A brand is simply an organisation, or a product, or service with a personality.” Any great personality is based upon having a solid understanding of yourself. It’s no different for a brand. Much like us, a brands personality is formed by defining why it exists, what tribe it belongs to and what it believes in; purpose, customer and values. We carry out brand strategy to discover and define these questions first, as they will act as our cornerstones for design decisions made going forwards. But it’s not enough to jus
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