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  1. Hi,your website looks amazing now. May I ask, how did you manage to select different sections and then change their background colors?
  2. How about this How to Pass the HSK 6? - A Guide on How to Do Well in Your HSK 6 Test (November 2021 Update) — Ortner China Consulting (ortner-china.com) The main issue I have is that on mobile, the image at the bottom (of the author) is too large. On desktop it looks fine. If we alter this with code, do I have to insert a new code each time I write a new post?
  3. Sure. Here are some posts. Example, Example 2 and link to blog. The images I have sent you are not from a live post, but only from a draft. I didn't want readers to see an "unfished" version yet. I hope this helps?
  4. Hi tuanphan, I am trying to adjust the size of this image on Mobile in my blog posts. Right now it looks too large on mobile (picture 2). On desktop, I can make it smaller using the spacer. (picture 1) By the looks of it, each time I post a new blog post, I have to add a CSS to make the imagine smaller on mobile. Is there a more efficient way of doing this? Thank you!
  5. OK! We have used a code that the header is only visible on this Home page Home — Ortner China Consulting (ortner-china.com) I have another two Home pages for different languages, one in German Home DE — Ortner China Consulting (ortner-china.com) and one in Chinese 中文主页 — Ortner China Consulting (ortner-china.com). Due to the code we have used before, you can't see the header on the other two language Home pages. I had to insert a large picture with writing on it so it looks like the header, but it actually isnt. Sometimes when the internet is slow, the image on this site will load slowly too, which is not good for user experience. So I would like the Header to be visible on the above three home pages only, and disable it for all other pages. Is this possible?
  6. This worked, fantastic. Thank you very much。 Do you mind taking a look regarding how to switch on the header for the three home pages (english, german,chinese) only? Thank you
  7. Thank you!! What code should I enter so it also works on the German front page? Home DE — Ortner China Consulting (ortner-china.com)
  8. 1. No I havent. I have used a large picture and reduced the padding on both sides, but it is not the header, its just a image with writing. 2. Just on this site https://www.ortner-china.com/blog . I would also like to reduce the padding of the blog carousel on the Home — Ortner China Consulting (ortner-china.com) home page.
  9. Hello tuanphan, May I ask for your advise on the following question. I have worked on making a multilingual website, adding a German and Chinese homepage. The current code on the website disables all the header banners apart from the main (english) homepage. What code can I insert to have the banner JUST work on the main pages of the three languages? EDIT What code can I enter to make the site outer padding of the blog page only Blog — Ortner China Consulting (ortner-china.com) large? currently if I change it, it changes the padding on all sites. Thank you!!
  10. it works and looks great now, thank you very much!! is there a similar code for making the size of the desktop banner look more suitable, rather than looking so zoomed in like now? but the code shouldn't actually make the banner smaller top to bottom.
  11. I think it would be ideal on around 250 so it matches the height of the images below too. but yes, its not bad now.
  12. I tried to adjust 150 to 350, just to see what happens. and not much changed, instead the writing in the banner moved to the bottom. 200 is the highest you can go before it changes the writing to the bottom of the banner
  13. thank you for your fast reply, i really do appreciate it. would it be possible to make it larger than the size of the CSS you gave me? on mobile, it looks proportionally too narrow now. best to be of a decent size, just to adjust the banner image so it doesn't look too cropped
  14. Hi tuanphan, I have solved the issue! Can I quickly ask you, how to make the current banner image look more suitable on mobile? https://www.ortner-china.com/home It looks fine on desktop, but the crop on mobile is too zoomed in
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