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  1. Hey tuanphan, Thanks for the message - is this something that is possible?
  2. Thanks guys! I just ended up using a nice code plugin to handle mine . You can see it in action at : https://www.susanniemann.com/ The plugin, I believe, was from squarestud.io ?? Yep - Here - https://legacy.squarestud.io/search?type=product&q=audio I don't work for them and don't receive any kickback. Just liked the result.
  3. Hi guys, Is there any way to duplicate a site, and then have the trial NOT expire? I would like to have live copies, that I can show to new potential clients. There are many times when former clients edit my original work to a point that I would rather not show it. At present the only duplicate we have, expires, and all images get turned off...effectively ruining the site. Thanks!
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