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  1. Site URL: https://www.goosethemarket.com/ Don't turn on Apple Pay if you ship orders. The shipping options don't appear for customers who use Apple Pay -- they never see them or have the option to choose one. Instead, Apple Pay automatically selects whatever shipping option happens to be first in your list of shipping options...but doesn't tell the customer this or give them the option to change it. Customers only find out which shipping option Apple Pay picked for them if they read their confirmation email very carefully. Causing lots of issues for our business and our customers. Reach
  2. The new email confirmation editor that Squarespace will require their customers use by Jan. 7 adds text to email notifications that you cannot edit. Once you confirm switching to the new email confirmation editor, you can't go back to the old one + all of your old email confirmations are deleted and you have to start building new ones from scratch + text that you cannot edit or delete is added to email confirmations. Our advice: if you have a squarespace online store and want a chance to at least get thru the holidays, DO NOT SWITCH TO THE NEW EMAIL CONFIRMATION EDITOR. Even after the holida
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