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Issue with email forwarding after Google Domain migration

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With Google Domains, I am able to forward all emails that match *@mydomain.com (where I have mydomain.com registered with Google Domains in this example) to my GMail account without having a Google workspace account for my domain (I do not want or need one). Now that Google is in talks to sell all their domain accounts to Squarespace, I want to know if I will still be able to do this when my domain is managed bySquarespace. It appears that this is NOT a feature that is currently offered by Squarespace (at least not in a way that is straightforward to configure).

- An upset Google Domains user

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I agree! One of my biggest concerns is losing these features and the clean design. There'll likely be a price change too.

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Following this conversation ... I have the same question. I was about to transfer my domain to Squarespace because my current hosting company has started charging for email transfer, after 20 years of doing business with them. Their limit for "free" use is so tight that I'm looking elsewhere and thought Squarespace offers simple email forwarding, but it's looking like it doesn't. So ... looking forward to an answer to this question.

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I'm literally using the custom domain email address I created on Google Domains as my login email here... and I've started to worry the forwarding isn't working anymore for example if anyone sends me an email to my custom domain, would it actually go through? I am experimenting by letting Squarespace send me promotional emails and see if I get them.

In the meantime, I'd be happy to learn of a solution to this.

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I just transferred my domain from NameCheap to Squarespace. I had two email accounts with my domain name (@companyname.com) with NameCheap, which were forwarded to my Gmail account. When I transferred the domain to Squarespace, the emails no longer come through. I have Google Workspace via Squarespace. But I can't figure out how to get my business emails (e.g., info@companyname.com) forwarded to my Gmail, as before. Can anyone help?

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Hi sjka2,

I had the same issue and may have found the solution. Just open your Square Space account and go to your domains and select the domain you want the emails to be forwarded from. Then select manage domain settings. For me it appears in an overlay window on the right hand side of the screen. In this menu you will find the email forwarding tab. At this point the setup should be similar to Google domains.

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I set up email forwarding, From: mark.h@emissaryspace.com To: cine.harmon@gmail.com.  Then waited a few days and sent a test email to mark.h@emissaryspace.com but I didn't receive the forwarded email at cine.harmon@gmail.com. What could be the problem?

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On 10/12/2023 at 7:25 PM, Micky2629 said:

Squarespace cant add email *@mydomain.com i want catch all email domain like google domains, I want the function as google domain, is that anyway to do it?

Just a heads up, WordPress doesn't offer this feature either for anyone who is considering switching there. I currently have some sites on WP, some on SWSP, and some on Cloudflare. I haven't been able to find a solution that isn't configuring DNS records.

Google Domains really did a disservice by getting rid of this product.

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So this is an issue I'm currently dealing with as well.

I have a lot of different emails and domains all with various alias emails pointing to one main Google Workspace account, which has worked beautifully for all my Google hosted domains.

However, I am in the process now of building my first site where I have a domain on Squarespace rather than Google to begin figuring out how I can continue setting sites up the way I have in the past (which tbh, I'm really bummed that it's leaving Google - it's been such an incredible and easy setup for me for many years..).

I have added several forwarding email addresses to my Squarespace account, went through the verification, but they are not working. I keep getting bounce backs saying the email accounts don't exist.

One minor difference may be the fact that I'm using custom nameservers rather than the Squarespace nameservers, but this is something I've always done even with Google and always worked great over there. I know my MX records needed to be updated on my site host where my nameservers are pointing, but even after doing that I'm still getting bounce backs/failed delivery.

Curious if anyone else has a similar setup, and whether or not you've gotten it to work?

This is really going to screw up how I run my 20+ sites, so may end up having to find an alternate option if I can't use forwarding emails with Squarespace while having custom nameservers.


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has anyone resolved this? google domains you could just put an *@domain in the forwarding section and it would forward any emails sent to our domain to our main email, does Squarespace not have this option? We need to enter every email manually?

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Let me phrase it differently. 

I set up email forwarding within my domain domain.com at squarespace to forward blah to myemail@gmail.com

I send a message to blah+something@domain.com

Will it:

    1) be bounced

    2) be forwarded to myemail@gmail.com

    3) be forwarded to myemail+something@gmail.com

    4) Something else


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On 11/26/2023 at 1:15 AM, AnthroX said:

Any update on the catch all for email forwarding?  I want to move my domains here from Godaddy since google domains is no longer accepting new transfers.  

I'm trying *.* and hoping that works, but somehow I doubt it...



So unfortunately, as far as I can tell, at this time there isn't a 'catch all' option for email forwarding through Squarespace, which is very unfortunate since that was one of my favorite features using Google Domains.

However, with that being said, depending on who your web hosting provider is, there may be an alternative option. I'm currently using SiteGround for my web hosting, and using their built-in email system allows for a *@yourdomain.com catch-all email address. If I remember correctly, GoDaddy also allows this with their built-in email system, but it's been a while since I've used GoDaddy so I'm not 100% sure on that.

If you prefer to watch the YouTube video, you can watch it by clicking here.

One important thing to note: This method involves changing your domain's nameservers. So if you are hosting your website with Squarespace as well, then this method may not work for you. This only works if your domain name is with Squarespace, but your web server files/web hosting is with someone else (like SiteGround, GoDaddy, HostGator, etc.).

This is how I had to set mine up to get it working again:

(Before you begin, you'll need to add your domain to your web host, and get your Nameservers from your web host. Finding these will be slightly different depending on who your host is, so I suggest just going to Google and searching 'How to find nameservers on [your web host]')

1. Log into Squarespace Domains
2. Open Domain Settings of Domain You Want to Add Email to
3. On the right-hand side (if on desktop/laptop), under 'Advanced Settings' click 'Edit' for Nameserver Settings
4. Select 'Use Custom Nameservers'
5. Add your two nameservers from your web host (I used mine from SiteGround) and save

Just so you understand what's happening now (for those on the less tech-savvy side), essentially what you just did was tell 'the internet' anytime it needs to find settings for your domain, it will now look for those settings at your web host, rather than your domain host (in this case/my case, web host = SiteGround, while domain host = Squarespace Domains).

Now that all settings will be pulled from your web host instead of your domain host, it's time to switch over to your web host (again, in my case, SiteGround).

From your web host:

1. Go to your website/web host settings for your domain
2. Find your DNS settings (for SiteGround, they're located under 'Domain')
3. Verify your MX Records are set as your web host's built-in email system

Again, this will vary based on your specific web host. For example, with SiteGround, you can simply select the 'MX Records' tab, and it gives 3 different options: Use System Default MX Records, Use Google MX Records, or Set Custom MX Records. This is where I selected 'Use System Default' (I used to use Google when using Google Domains, but that no longer works since switching to Squarespace).

Other web hosts may not give you options and you may have to manually enter them yourself, again I suggest googling to see what the default ones are based on your web host.

Once you've either set or verified that your MX Records are using the web host built-in email system, the last step is to go into the built-in email system and re-add whatever forwarding emails you want.

With SiteGround, this was as simple as:

1. Go to 'Email' link on left-side menu
2. Select 'Forwarders' option
3. Add any forwarding emails you wish to be included, and change your catch-all address settings.

SiteGround by default has a catch-all option and is automatically set to 'Deny' - but a simple two clicks will switch it from 'Deny' to 'Allow' - and will be used after any other manual entries you make.

So I have mine set to have a few specific addresses, such as my first name, support@, noreply@, etc. Which each go to specific gmail accounts. Then I have my catch-all set to 'Allow' so anything that doesn't fall on those specific emails gets forwarded to my main one.

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Has anyone had success doing email forwarding from their squarespace domain managed website to a gmail account?  I have tried three different accounts to support info@[my website.com] to forward to [mygmailaccount]@gmail.com and nothing works.  

I have had tickets opened with support since Nov 10th and they have said they'd look into it, but nothing has come back from them.  Losing confidence in support quickly.

Is this working for anyone? thanks.

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