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  1. Site URL: https://cnicholson.ca/ Hi again Squarespacians, Getting to a happier place with fonts on my site, on desktop, but they're the wrong size on mobile. In the previous version there was a way to scale each font for mobile - how do I do that with 7.1? Any help appreciated! C
  2. Tuanphan, I had it set to the wrong kind of grid, it needed to be "simple" - I think I get it now. If there's a way to do three cols, that would be fab. But this is a much better place I'm in, thanks so much for your help!
  3. Site URL: https://cnicholson.ca/ Squarespacians, I'm stuck. I know this has been asked before, I know this has been done successfully by so, so many, but I'm sorry, but I just don't quite get it. Could someone walk me through it... slowly? I'm trying to achieve the glorious grid wall. A grid of logos that I can easily add to, that displays all at the same small size (ideally about 6 logos across), and, IMPORTANTLY, on mobile, displays in at least 2-3 columns. I'm on the new squarespace system. I've tried using the logo wall component, and it's OKAYish, but looks terrible on mo
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