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  1. Hi, thank you - I finally tried this - with a different category, as I currently do not have "Last Chance" active. I tried this: a[href*="Mountains"] { color: red !important; } For the Mountain category: https://www.terorepo.com/prints but it did not work, so any help appreciated. Many thanks - does that URL work ok? Cheers
  2. Hi - I have tried using the code above, but I couldn't get it to work for my site - does anyone have any suggestions. I have tried a number of different inputs - original here. a[href="/shop?category=tumblers"] { color: red; } This is what I have input - a[href="/Print-shop?category=Last-Chance"] { color: red; } The category I am trying to make red is "Last Chance" in Categories it is written with capitals like that "Last Chance" and the SHOP is Print shop or the url is /prints Thanks for your help. Beanie
  3. Hi Tuanphan - sorry slow response, ideally under Quantity, Thank you Beanie
  4. Thank you - that works perfect and looks much better I think - do you know if I can do the same for Quantity too? So that it matches. Thank you
  5. Hi Tuanphan - I just posted on my other question... but does this help? https://www.terorepo.com/prints/p/icebergantarctica thanks Beanie
  6. Hi Tuanphan. Yes thanks - here is a link to the product: https://www.terorepo.com/prints/p/icebergantarctica on the live store. Or in Squarespace: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/commerce Now that the site is live I am not sure how to manage permissions so you can go into the back end of the site - so let me know if you need that. Thanks Beanie
  7. Hi App Dius Before it was working when I gave the link: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/settings/contributors and put on the password: help But it looks different from before. I hope that works... Thanks Beanie
  8. Site URL: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/design/product-items Hi, I would like to move the price in the store, so that "From €64" shows below the "selection boxes" - and above the "purchase button". I have had a lot of people in testing who say they don't see the price - because they don't scroll back up to the top. Does anyone have any code so that I could move this? Thank you. Beanie
  9. Site URL: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/design/product-items Hi, I would really like to reduce the height of the form boxes in the shop - I know that I can reduce the width in the editor, but I still find the boxes too big - with Select Material and Select and quantity. Does anyone know how I can change this - or have code to reduce the size? My website is: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/design/product-items and it is public. Thank you, Beanie
  10. Site URL: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/prints/p/alaskanspines Hello, I am looking for help in the store page. As it is a print shop, I have a number of different options available for each product. I wanted to know if there is a work around so that when you put a product which is unavailable - for example in my store: Brushed Aluminium is not available in 20 x 30 - rather than it saying "Unavailable" at the top, the option could be greyed out / not clickable - so that the consumer knows that they can not purchase that product. I have done a work around - by add
  11. Site URL: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/pages Hi, I am trying to align the product image and description in the store, but can not work out how to do it - I think it will need a custom css. So in the screenshot example I would like "SUN FLARE" to be aligned with the top of the image. Anyone know a work around for this? The site is: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/pages and pw: help Thank you Beanie
  12. Ah thank you - https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/settings/site-visibility and : help
  13. Site URL: https://reindeer-sailfish-bkep.squarespace.com/config/ Hi, I have two lightbox related questions: 1. I would like to have a fully white background behind the image when lightbox is open - currently it is transparent (screen shot attached), I have found some Custom CSS code from 2013, but this does not work anymore ( I am not doing it correctly) - anyone have any suggestions? 2. Is there any way to have comments on in lightbox - but not when it is in gallery format? Currently it is the inverse. Thank you. Beanie
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