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  1. Site URL: https://www.meshsecurity.io/ I want to upload a support guide (PDF) so that I can include it as a link in order emails that our customers receive. So the customer clicks a link in the email and it opens the PDF. Is this possible? So far I can only achieve this if I create a link and then drag it under the main navigation (I don't want this to be publicly facing). I know I can create a new page and then add the PDF as a link behind some text there - but that means our customers would have to make an extra click, which I want to avoid. Looking forward to your suggestions, Brian
  2. Site URL: https://chinchilla-chicken-nanw.squarespace.com/ Using this code, I can change the color of specific words by making them bold h1 strong {color:green; font-weight:normal!important} However, this then implements the same change across the entire site when I would rather use this for specific words within certain blocks. Is it possible?
  3. @tuanphan I had taken it offline while I made some other changes - it's now published again if you can recheck?
  4. @creedon It works, but unfortunately it leaves a dark colour in the corners. I tried changing the colours of the section so that the background is white before adding the background image, but it didn't make a difference - the corners are still dark. Any ideas?
  5. @tuanphan - thanks, really appreciate this help. 2&3 has worked well. 1 is difficult as they are rectangular images within a square - I have cropped all 3 images as much as possible but there's still quite a bit of white space
  6. @creedon Thanks. I suspect I'm doing something wrong - this is what I'm pasting and nothing is changing // section background .section-background ( @section-background ) when ( @section-background = true ) { .has-background .section-background { border-radius : @site-wide-image-radius; } }
  7. @creedon sure, my website is public - www.meshsecurity.io As an example, on this page, the red banner towards the bottom I want to change to something larger, like the image I've attached. https://www.meshsecurity.io/ransomware This is a background image and ideally I'd like to round it. I know I could round the image before uploading, but I'm actually finding it difficult to find a rounded shape that I can add a gradient to in Canva - so that doesn't seem like an option. Appreciate the help 🙂
  8. @creedon is there a way to round background images too?
  9. Site URL: https://chinchilla-chicken-nanw.squarespace.com/ I use the following code to customise individual buttons but want to change to to a gradient #block-e594bfd6c486b80b7d2b .sqs-block-button-element{background-color:#ffffff!important} Can someone please help?
  10. @tuanphan Can different colours be applied to different social links? And if yes, how? Thanks as always 🙂
  11. @creedon Unfortunately, the knock on effect is that now the hamburger on the mobile version is pushed off the screen by 50%. Is there a way to only apply that code to desktop?
  12. Site URL: https://chinchilla-chicken-nanw.squarespace.com/ Hi, I've tried numerous settings an variations of my logo but it is always showing as blurry. This is almost the opposite of an image that's too low res in that it becomes clearer the more you zoom in. I've tried reducing the pixels to 500x500 but it makes no difference. site password is 123456 if anyone can help. Cheers, Brian
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