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  1. We haven't launched our new site yet because we can't go live on the Wholesale and Retail stores without offering correct shipping costs or removing the payment option from the Wholesale store. It's keeping us from going public. We sometimes do 15K in orders a day, so everything has to run smoothly from the get-go. The password protected site is maggielyon.squarespace.com
  2. Is there a way to offer 2 day, overnight, ground and in store pick up as options? I'm not seeing this, but most businesses selling products offer all of these, no? Edit to say added as a flat rate with the in-store pick up label!
  3. The problem with offering a 100% discount is that it is false advertising. Can this be customized? Could it be a "pay later" type code? Even then, the problem is giving people an option. If you neeed customers to pay later every time, how do you edit the cart to make this their only option (for one of two stores, and not both)
  4. Hey there, Similarly to everyone in this thread, we are a chocolate wholesaler wanting to receive orders and charge customers later. We sell retail that can be processed and charged immediately, but our problem currently is with the wholesale side of our business (these are two seperate stores on our site). We cannot use Squarespace in any capacity to properly calculate shipping to distributors because we cannot factor in cooling. If we could mark up each store's shipping differently, I don't think we would have this problem, but one shipping markup across the whole site doesn't make sense. That being said, we would love to still let our wholesale customers place their orders through the site like anyone else; however, we don't want to charge them at the time they submit or without correct shipping charges. What we need is to receive their order almost like a form, while still having the products, details, and options interactive in the Wholesale "store." If we could use a button at checkout only for the Wholesale store where customer orders are sent to us but we then call them to process payments with shipping, when they do ship, that would be amazing. I feel this is really common for many wholesalers, large or small - is there a solution? If we list the products as a gallery and include a form below, this obviously takes a lot of clicks, isn't any easier than calling us directly, and requires customers to type out their large orders, which could easily include errors. We'd love for them to still have a "cart" but pay later through us. Is there an integration where we can use a less-limited cart than what Squarespace currently offers? Thanks so much!! Been really struggling with this issue -Laura at Maggie Lyon
  5. This is exactly what we need! Similarly, we are a chocolate company that can fulfill orders on our end, and we certainly need to calculate our own shipping, but we want to accept Wholesale orders as if they're a form, not a cart to checkout. We basically need a way to have orders submitted, fulfilled on our end, and not charged through Squarespace. I'm amazed that for food providers, large and small alike, this is not an option.
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