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  1. Site URL: https://nectarine-banjo-ewdh.squarespace.com/config/design We want to set-up a drop down menu with options to open up the following things: - New page. or - Send a visitor to the right section in the same page. Depends on the page for which option we want.
  2. Thanks Tuanphan, https://nectarine-banjo-ewdh.squarespace.com/ pw: popquiz
  3. https://nectarine-banjo-ewdh.squarespace.com/config/pages pw: popquiz
  4. i there a way to share the page without giving away the logins? https://nectarine-banjo-ewdh.squarespace.com/#/new-page
  5. Thanks rwp! it works! You happen to know how i can center it instead of left aligned?
  6. 1) How can I create this 'line / frame' in css? I know how to create a horizontal line and two vertical one, but i cant't stitch those together to recreate the graphic. 2 how can i make this sticky on top of the page? So it hangs above the primary navigation. ( and make it sticky on every page when scrolling?
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