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  1. I would like to be able to zoom in on images on my website when they are open in the lightbox...I'd like to be able to zoom in either by scrolling or by clicking + /- buttons and then be able to pan around. I do not want a magnifier though. And I don't want to lose the ability of clicking the arrows on the sides to go to the next image. Is there a code I can add to make zooming in on an images in the lightbox possible? My website isn't published yet, so I can't provide a link... I don't understand coding at all, so I don't know how much information is needed, but my images are in a Summar
  2. The folder does not have a special slug, but that code did work. Thank you!
  3. I'm having the same problem that was described in the first post: I'm trying to make it so that the menu isn't clickable in the navigation. So I want only the pages below it to be clickable and not the actual menu. I tried copying and pasting the code that tuanphan wrote above into the Custom CSS box, but nothing changed. I don't understand coding at all, so maybe the formatting was off? Or the words need to be different? My menu is called "Projects" and the two pages in the drop down menu are called "Themed Entertainment" and "Freelance Drafting". So I want "Projects" to not be clickable...Pl
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