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  1. This helped me a lot! If anyone else is looking for answers. https://beaverhero.com/avenue-squarespace/ the code I used to make the titles fade in:
  2. Tried this- doesn't seem to work for me. 😞 I believe I need to isolate what CSS title the project titles are under.
  3. Site URL: http://www.brndnyn.com Hello- So I've been trying to change the transition time for my index titles that go over the images. I'm currently using Avenue as my template. As it is now, the hover makes the opaque color and text appear a little too quick- I'd like to change that to a slower fade in. However, none of the other code I could find for hover transitions worked for this template. I can't seem to find the tag that effects the title. I'm also trying to get my main title and navigation links to ease out when the mouse is no longer hovering, if that's possible. Would love any help! Thanks 🙂
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