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  1. After playing around a bit, I think the best way to do it is to just start with blank pages and build out spacers while adding in content in between. Let me know if anyone has done it differently!
  2. Hey there, Im curious if anyone has made their gallery look unstructured and spaced out sporadically? I would like to mix photos and videos in the gallery as well. Here is a site that has a similar look to what Im going for (http://www.chrisgurney.com.au/)
  3. okay, I see. But all I need to do is to center the titles or descriptions and leave the images where they are. Is there custom CSS for that? I don't want to add another block just to to add code to it. Please see example photo.
  4. thanks for the response! I was able to adjust the vertical padding in custom CSS! Is there any way to center the captions without without inputing it into the advanced>header area? I don't have the plan that lets me use the code injection.
  5. This did work great but was very drastic. Is there a way to reduce the padding but not to 0? @tuanphan
  6. Site URL: https://www.bluesky1031.com/ 1: Currently I have "grids: simple" activated and I like it for the desktop version. However, on mobile I would prefer it to be "grids: strips" across the board. Any help would be appreciated!
  7. I need this as well!! @tuanphan please help!
  8. Site URL: https://www.bluesky1031.com/ Under projects> Current Project (and Past Projects) my titles in the gallery are positioned to the left. I would love to center it and need some code to do so I believe. Also I would like to minimize the vertical padding on my header to where there is little to no gap above and below my logo. If you can help, I would greatly appreciate it! Thank you!
  9. bobcat-seal-2j6c.squarespace.com heres the link to the site. I am still in the trial phase. Gallery can be found in the "Projects" Page.
  10. I am very new to all this and cant seem to find a way to center the descriptions of the images in the gallery. It appears I need to add some CSS coding. Everything I've found seems to be out dated. I would also like to know how I could change the opacity slightly upon hovering over the image. Please help or point me to the correct forum.
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