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  1. Thank you so much for your response! It worked! I have three additional questions to ask here... 1) How to fix the size of my thumbnail grid display on my homepage regardless of the resolution/size of a monitor? To be clear, when I view my homepage on my ipad/mbp - it looks how I intend it to be. (image attached below) Whereas when I use my external monitor that's 24inch - and it has happened on other peoples computers as well, the site somehow ends up stretched out and extra wide and creates this undesirable effect, how can I fix this? It also does this when you click on a specific project, and when you scroll down and see the preview of other projects... THANK YOU!!
  2. Site URL: http://www.jojo-lam.com/#/so-long/ Hi, I'd love to disable the navigation function on the upper right hand side of the flatiron template. As shown on my site - http://www.jojo-lam.com/#/so-long/. Is there any custom codes for this? I've seen clients navigate my website thinking this would show the next image when it actually throws them to the next project. Thank you!
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