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  1. Hello - did you find a solution to this? I have the same question. Thank you! James Cook
  2. Thanks very much Paul, Hopefully the following provides sufficient information. I’ve set up a member account at: https://caterpillar-apricots-k88b.squarespace.com/ (site password: MrBubbles) Member credentials: sqsptest@roseandermain.com sqsptest123 You’ll see that if you log in using the standard LOGIN link, you do not go to the member homepage automatically. To me this is odd. I created a custom link in the main navigation called ALT LOGIN which asks for signup, or signin and connects to the proper member homepage. The problem is that we now have two ways to get in. It turns out that it is possible to disable the standard LOGIN link by editing site header elements. However, this also disables the ACCOUNT panel within the member area. So, my hope is that there is a way to have it both ways. My question again: Is there a css trick the will hide the LOGIN link in the main menu, but then not hide the ACCOUNT link in the member menu? Much appreciated! James
  3. Oddly, when a member logs in to a member area, the browser is not redirected to the member homepage. I find this very awkward. One suggestion was to create a link to the member homepage in the main menu. When a user is not logged in, the link will ask them to sign up, or sign in. Of course the problem with this is that there is a member homepage link, and also a login link. I found that it is possible to disable the login link using header admin tools (great!), but this also disables the account link once the member is logged in (not great). Q: Is there a css trick the will hide the login link in the main menu, but then not hide the account link in the member menu? Note that I have the member menu replacing the main menu. Thanks! James
  4. Hello Tuanphan, I found a solution that involved making two sections - one with a desktop image, and one with a mobile image - the code below instructs which section to display, based on browser width. /* RTP remove bottom banner in desktop */ @media screen and (min-width:768px) { [data-section-id="61e3062937970d62de6463e2"]{display: none;}} /* RTP remove top banner on mobile */ @media screen and (max-width:767px) { [data-section-id="619d5990f1001a58cd6cbc4e"]{display: none;}} It's a nice solution, but I needed to replicate this block for each portfolio page. In my initial question, I was hoping for a more elegant solution. But this works. Cheers! James
  5. Site URL: http://www.roseandermain.com Some of my portfolio banner images look good on desktop, but not mobile, so I'd like to be able to swap them. I have found explanations of CSS that I can add that targets a specific block ID, but not sure how to translate this idea to a handful of portfolio pages. Thanks! James
  6. Wow! Come on Squarespace! I've been a big supporter, but it REALLY sucks to commit to the 7.1 platform and then find out that some of these basics are not supported. Please don't be such a growing disappointment.
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