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    holt1971 reacted to harriscauler in Invoicing Clients   
    I use a tool called Bonsai to manage all of my client intake forms, proposals, project management, emails, tasks, time tracking, automatic invoicing, and even contracts and e-signature. Everything all-in-one! 
    You should check it out. If you like it and want to sign up, my referral link will give you a month free: CHECK IT OUT
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    holt1971 reacted to Jamar425 in Invoicing Clients   
    Hey Guys!!!
    This is nowhere near the kind of resolve that I was looking for, but "Stripe" the third-party company used to collect payments for items purchased in your store has the option to create invoices. It's a pretty annoying process that honestly is the same as just sending an invoice through any other third party, but if you want to do it so that accounts and Business Info automatically mirror what is happening with your store, you can use stripe. Just log in to your Stripe account and underneath "Customers" is an invoice option that you can use to create and send invoices. I just tested it. Creating and sending is simple. Pay is seamless for customers allowing them to pay by card, direct bank (routing/accounting number), or Apple Pay. Only downside is that the estimation is 7 days before I see the money in my account. 
    Not all the solution I hoped for, but a compromise that might be slightly less annoying.
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    holt1971 reacted to anvilandoak in Invoicing Clients   
    We need this as an option badly. We can create custom pieces of furniture for our customers and would like to be able to send them a specific invoice instead of having to add it to our inventory every time. Has this been fixed yet on SS?
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    holt1971 reacted to MyLovelyMuse in Invoicing Clients   
    Agreed. We need the ability to invoice clients and an integrated shipping component.  I'm not sure why these two things aren't standard for squarespace as an e-commerce platform.  I switched over from Shopify (after 3 years) in March because I was frustrated designing my site on Shopify to Squarespace, which is fabulous for design, but lacking in every other area.  I'm kicking myself for paying for a year of Squarespace service after learning about these shortfalls.
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    holt1971 reacted to NMcL in Invoicing Clients   
    Agreed, just done a search. I'm moving from Wix to Squarespace are there's definite functionality that I'm missing.
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    holt1971 reacted to AmandaLJ in Invoicing Clients   
    I would LOVE a way to invoice through Squarespace. Please let us know if we can look forward to this soon. I am considering the switch to Shopify because of this and the many more back end options they offer in B2B & B2C selling. Please update soon.
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    holt1971 reacted to Jack in Invoicing Clients   
    Is Squarespace listening? There are a handful a common sense eCommerce features are missing here. E.g, create and send an invoice, change billing / shipping address. 
    I contacted the the CS, I was told that the way to change addresses is to ask the customer to cancel then reorder with the correct address. This is absurd. You are asking the seller to loss the customer for such a simple thing to change. 
    It appears SS does not listen to their customers. Please, someone must try to order something on a actual eCommerce site and see it for themshelves.
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    holt1971 reacted to siweisong in Invoicing Clients   
    This would be really helpful for selling through Instagram as well. How do we bring this to the devs team?
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    holt1971 reacted to Flvc in Invoicing Clients   
    I would really need that kind of functionality as well, too bad its not possible with Squarespace. 
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    holt1971 reacted to paul2009 in Invoicing Clients   
    Some other platforms offer this as a service, but this isn't something you can do with Squarespace.
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    holt1971 reacted to southworthdesignco in Invoicing Clients   
    Looking for the same thing for a client!
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    holt1971 reacted to KMLP in Invoicing Clients   
    I'm looking for the same solution. Obviously, it's easy to do with PayPal, square, venmo, etc... but I'd love to be able to run it straight through SS.
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    holt1971 reacted to EmilyBensonConsulting in Invoicing Clients   
    Is it possible to create and send an invoice to a client? I used to use square before I switched to square space and it let me invoice clients. 
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