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  1. I am having the exact same issue with Squarespace / Stripe / Quickbooks re sales tax. Any update here?
  2. Man, this is still really driving me nuts. I cannot figure out a way to apply a deposit amount to the total balance WITHOUT it affecting the original taxable amount AND utilizing Squarespaces ability to auto generate sales tax reports. The only workaround is to charge sales tax on the deposit, and then later separately on the remaining balance, which isn't ideal for accounting.
  3. I really need this feature also! I can't believe Squarespace does not have a deposit feature. I need to charge a deposit for custom gowns and then apply that credit later towards their final purchase - similar to how a gift card works. Entering a gift card code does not change the taxable total. I wish there was a deposit feature that worked similarly. Does anyone know if you can change the wording on the gift card emails/notifications with code?
  4. Thanks @paul2009! I do like this idea, however a bit of a sticky issue when it comes to charging the sales tax. Normally I charge the total sales tax with the final balance. If a deposit is made in December of 2020 and the final balance is paid in 2021, I report the total sales tax in 2021. With the suggested workaround (again, thank you for the idea!) I am not sure how to force the sales tax to calculate off the product total and not just the remaining balance. The only thing I can think of is if I charge sales tax on the deposit amount as well so that the total sales tax amount is correct... but technically I shouldn't be collecting sales tax off of the deposit as I file when the final balance is received. Let me know if you have any ideas! Also, I see you are a developer. I am trying to do as much as possible myself at the moment, but I do have a growing list of code wishlist items! I may need to reach out soon!
  5. Site URL: https://www.amandajamesbridal.com/ Any ideas on workarounds or custom code for selling and accepting deposits toward a purchase? I have a bridal collection and sell made-to-order gowns. I'll be launching e-commerce soon and was hoping to have it totally replace my current invoicing system. I currently use Square and email invoices to my clients. - The 1st invoice I send is to receive a deposit. - The 2nd invoice I send it to receive the remaining balance. In launching e-commerce, I was hoping to: - Have customers purchase a deposit through my site. Deposits are a set amount. Ideally the process would be similar to how a gift card works- a digital code is generated and emailed to clients once they make the purchase. - I was hoping they could then apply that credit towards the final purchase by entering the digital code. Currently Squarespace does not allow you to change the wording in the order confirmations of gift cards, otherwise I would just create a gift card product and call it a Deposit. I also tried creating a discount code labeled Deposit, but this doesn't work because when entered, it changes the taxable amount of the product. I need the original taxable amount to stay the same. Any suggestions?
  6. I would LOVE a way to invoice through Squarespace. Please let us know if we can look forward to this soon. I am considering the switch to Shopify because of this and the many more back end options they offer in B2B & B2C selling. Please update soon.
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