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  1. Hey Guys!!! This is nowhere near the kind of resolve that I was looking for, but "Stripe" the third-party company used to collect payments for items purchased in your store has the option to create invoices. It's a pretty annoying process that honestly is the same as just sending an invoice through any other third party, but if you want to do it so that accounts and Business Info automatically mirror what is happening with your store, you can use stripe. Just log in to your Stripe account and underneath "Customers" is an invoice option that you can use to create and send invoices. I just tested it. Creating and sending is simple. Pay is seamless for customers allowing them to pay by card, direct bank (routing/accounting number), or Apple Pay. Only downside is that the estimation is 7 days before I see the money in my account. Not all the solution I hoped for, but a compromise that might be slightly less annoying.
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