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  1. Thanks a lot. The Upload Plugin works.... but how do i know - who is uploading the file? How Can i then see which order belongs to which picture?
  2. following problem: I want to sell products where i need a picture from the costumer - it will be kind of an personal print based on their pictures. For that i need an upload function. How could i implement that? a example how it want it you could find here: https://lineportrait.de/ Thanks for help!
  3. Write your Items like follow: <a href="url you want to link goes here">Here goes the Product name</a> Description of your Product would love to hear if it is working. Thanks a lot
  4. Site URL: https://pigeon-yellow-3b3r.squarespace.com/ Hello there, currently i am looking for some feedback. PW ist 1234 Please focus only on the landingpage - the subsides like about us and so son... are not yet finished. I would love to intergrated also some reviews from google or facebook - any ideas how to do that?
  5. Hello there, try this CSS Code .design-layout-poster .image-title *{ visibility:hidden; opacity:0; transition-duration: 2s} .design-layout-poster:hover .image-title *{ visibility:visible; opacity:1; }
  6. I have the same Problem! Can anybody help ??
  7. Ah! thx a lot - i will try this! That would be fine 😉
  8. Hello together, one simple question: Will there be an option, where i can upload my videofiles from my own pc? I do not want to have all my videos on my website also showing in youtube.... can anyone help? thx a looooooot!!!
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