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  1. Site URL: https://orlovparis.com Hi, I used a pluging to remove the default squarespace variant drop down and turned the variant options into their own individual buttons. As I now have to many options I decided to go back to the default settings with only the variant options. It went back to normal. Nevertheless, I can't find how erase the different types (75ML, 75ML WITHOUT JB, 5ML) that still appears on top of the button. https://orlovparis.com/shop/p/deyoungred Thanks in advance for your help. Thomas
  2. Hi Paul, thank you very much for the information. It's very useful thanks
  3. Site URL: https://www.jojoandco.net My customer is selling pastries with a pick up service at their store. I am configuring the pick up page with products. I want to remove the address field in the check up process but cannot see any options to do it. I am looking for any solution... at least simplify the process with only a zip code as customers don't want to fill their address for these type of sales. Thanks for your help Thomaz
  4. Hi, I am building a customer's website. Its a physical store that sells pastries to pick-up and on delivery. I already created 2 types of products, products on delivery and products to pick-up. Products to pick-up category is configured as a service product (without delivery address). I also created a custom check out form with pick up options (pick-up days - and pick-up slots). The problem I am facing is that the custom check-out form also appears for delivery products which is confusing 1. Is there a way to add custom check-out forms only to service products and not to physica
  5. Also how can I give the same size and aspects for both ADD TO CARD button and the button I added below? https://www.bodycheri.com/ Password: button
  6. Perfect! Thanks for your help. I added a button below ADD TO CART BUTTON( AJOUTER AU PANIER) . Do you know how I can reduce space between those two buttons?
  7. Site URL: https://www.bodycheri.com/ Hi, I would like to change the size of the Quantity Input Button for Products on my landing page. https://www.bodycheri.com/ password: button thanks
  8. Site URL: https://www.orlovparis.com The hover over the product image shows the second product image. This happens only on the product page /shop. How can I also have the over effect (with second product image on product image) on another page than product page (eg: homepage)?
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