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  1. Hello, I'm building the website for my company. https://ellipse-saffron-85rw.squarespace.com/tous-nos-evenements pwd : sqbalboste I integrated a sticky menu thanks to javascript. it's working correctly, but I'm having issue with the logo height and quality on the sticky menu only. I'm not a coder, a friend of mine gave me this sticky menu code. But I have basic CSS knowledge and understanding. Sticky menu height is apparently based on the the logo png file height i'm using. Issue is that with the logo I'm using to define the height, logo is blury, I supposed because it
  2. Hello @ryandejaegher. Thank you, here it is : sqbalboste.
  3. Hello @brightskydigital. Sorry I didn't see the notification for your reply sonner than... today. I've asked the support team a few weeks ago, I copy-pasting the answer here if it can help. They don't have the miracle solution, so far I'm going with fixed pick up times several times a week. I don't want to create too many blockers in the customer journey that will make me loose client. I'm not sure i'm skilled enough to work on your solutions 😞 [SQ Support solutions] You have a great idea, however, it's not possible to pre-fill information added on Squarespace into Squaresp
  4. Site URL: https://ellipse-saffron-85rw.squarespace.com/experiences-culinaires-et-multisensorielles-sur-mesure-pour-tous-les-evenements Hello, I'm trying to reduce the empty space I have between the header and the first content section on mobile. I'm using a Brine template in 7.0, Sorona. I found how to adjust this padding in the Design panel (Content Section padding), but for Desktop only. I still have a big padding on mobile I could not reduce. I've tried some CSS tricks but I could not find the right way to target this space. I've checked, i don't have a Spacer block neither
  5. Site URL: http://www.balboste.com Hello to the community, I'm rebuilding my website and I will sell products through Commerce, mainly available for in-store Pickups. Our opening hours and days for people to pick their order will change from a week to another (we're a catering company, so depending of our events we may be out of the store and in-store pickup won't be available at this time or day) I would like for people to have the ability, when choosing in-store pickup as a delivery option during the purchase funnel of our product, to be able to book a slot among predefined
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