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  1. I need help figuring out how to keep the summary block background on this page from being wider than the viewport. It took me forever how to figure out how to get the background to be full-width on desktop. It seems to all be shaping up except for the right side extended past the viewport on mobile devices. I would greatly appreciate any insight. Thank you!!!
  2. I figured it out on my own. I made the left and right margin of the summary block wrapper -300px and I made the left and right padding of it 300px. #block-yui_3_17_2_1_1574400161847_5399 .summary-block-wrapper {background: #e4e4e4; margin-left: -300px; margin-right: -300px; margin-bottom: 0; padding-bottom: 3vw; padding-left: 300px; padding-right: 300px; margin-top: 0;}
  3. Does anyone know how to make the background color of this summary block on this page extend the width of the device?
  4. Hi there! I can not for the life of me get the background-color of the Summary Block on this page to span the full width of the viewport without the text expanding too. How can I get the background-color to be fullbleed across the viewport while maintaining the current text position? I would so appreciate if you could help! Thanks!
  5. Hi there! I'm trying to align the image block on this page with the summary block that is below it. I've been able to do make it work on desktop by using this CSS: div#block-yui_3_17_2_1_1574532362580_9047 { margin-left: -44px !important; } However, on mobile, it's way left and I'd just want to image centered on the page. I sense that I'm going about it wrong in the first place and I'd like to do it correctly. But perhaps how I fixed on desktop is sound but I can't seem to do it on mobile. For mobile, I tried: @media only screen and (min-width:769px) and (max-width:991px)
  6. @tuanphanCan you post that code? I'm having the same issue
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