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  1. Site URL: https://www.marmalademoon.com Hello, Does anyone know how to style the portfolio index page so that the images maintain their original aspect ratio? I also wonder how to match the automatically generated color to that of the image background? /Kate https://www.marmalademoon.com
  2. Site URL: https://www.tracybrosnan.com/ Do i need to delete a page I don't want to show or can i hide it somehow in the YORK template? I want to hide the project called "old school print" Also, how do I rename these 2 projects under the "work" section of the nav bar? Right now "Aussie activations and Social" goes to an error page. Thanks for any help, Tracy
  3. Site URL: https://Natalieperez.com I'm using the york template and have been able to upload and use my own font. I cannot figure how to adjust the text captions to be wider. See image for my issue. Ideally it'd be at least comparable to the images but also auto-adjust for mobile mode. If someone could help nudge me in the right direction, that'd be super nice!! Website Pass - NATTYISCOOL
  4. Site URL: https://kolea.tv Hi I would like to increase my index grid to a row of 4 columns. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Dave
  5. Site URL: https://jolicoeur.work/ Hi there. I'm a designer with a simple York portfolio. I have my projects set up on individual "project pages". I want them all to be visible at once on the Index/homepage, as they are now, but I would also like to figure out a way to tag or categorize them so I could have either dropdowns in the nav, or a row of links in the homepage, that would then only show the relevant pages. Example: you're on the homepage, you see everything at once. You click on "Motion", and now you only see 3 pages listed with relevant motion design projects. I don't want to tag individual images withing those pages, as each project needs a full page to contextualize it. It seems like a pretty basic function but I can't figure it out. Any way to achieve that? Thanks!
  6. Site URL: https://content.celsodinizphoto.com/ Hi, When people click on the site title of https://content.celsodinizphoto.com/ I want them to be sent to my other site https://www.celsodinizphoto.com/ instead. Can you help? Thanks! Celso.
  7. Site URL: http://www.pedrodegouveia.xn--com-0da Hello everyone, I am trying to find the correct code to add to a given page to adjust the banner height on my site which uses the template, YORK (v7.0) In the default template, the banner height is universal across all pages, so my goal is to have the banner taller on the homepage and shorter on all other pages. As you can see at my web site, my goal is to keep the index large, but the internal pages I would like to control the banner height - www.pedrodegouveia.com I’ve been searching in many places but I couldn’t find any answer. Any help with this adjustment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks very much! Regards, Pedro
  8. Hello, I have a series of project pages within an index, in the York template. These pages have one large banner photo at the top of the page, then a grid of photos below this. No space for any text on the page. Is there a way I can either insert a text box within this gallery page or make my project description visible somewhere on that page? Need more info than just photos. Thanks, Roan
  9. Site URL: https://zachparola.com/pottery-barn-new How do I use custom CSS to expand the width, let's say 60vw, of this page description on a York project page? Seems I'm being limited by some kind of wrapper and I'm not able to identify the proper target. I've tried .page-text-wrapper but there is something overriding it. I want this rule to apply to all of my project pages.
  10. I'm looking to round the corners of the the index page image blocks but I'm running into difficulty. So far, using the bit of code below, I've gotten the images' corners to round when you hover over them, but I'd like it to be that way even if someone isn't hovering over the image. Code: .index-item.has-item-image { border-radius: 20px !important; } Does anyone have any suggestions on how to make the corners stay rounded without hovering over them?
  11. I'm looking align text to the left using the York template. The standard setting is center aligned. I can't find how to edit this. It seems that my options are limited to these, unless custom CSS is needed. Thanks in advanced for any help you can offer.
  12. This is probably the most annoying thing about Squarespace for me and has prevented me from using the service for a while. I would simply like to use the York template and on the portfolio index page I want the images (that are sub linked to their respective pages) to display at their original aspect ratio and not get re-cropped. This is really incredibly annoying and re-cropping to a set aspect ratio only works for illustrators who have solid colour backgrounds to their images otherwise, it just looks ridiculous. How can I display images on the native York portfolio index page with their original aspect ratios? This website is a perfect example of what I mean if there's any confusion https://aaronlowelldenton.com/ - a continuous scroll of images at their original ratio where they are linked to their own page.
  13. Hi I'm using the York template and trying to style the index page. The idea is to have a hero project first and then two columns with the rest of the projects. So similar to the Style sitting "INDEX : LAYOUT / Item width : Full / Alternate Widths : Yes But instead of having: 1 full width project , 2 columns, 1, 2, 1, 2... it's: 1 full width project , 2 columns, 2,2,2... Makes sense? Don't want it alternating between full width and two columns. Tried with a banner but can't insert a project there. Does anyone know if it's possible to achieve this or is it possible to do with an other template?
  14. Site URL: https://www.workshop315.com/home Hi - I would like to change the poster text image and size at the top of my home page to keep a similar height on mobile. Is there a way to maintain the height and cut off a portion of the image and adjust the text scale to make this work? I have attached an image of what it currently looks like and what I'd like to to look like.
  15. Hello SQS Circle, (cc: @MollyCameron) Felt I need to share this glitch with you happening on the York template. It happens every time you reload the page on all browsers. I submitted a video to support which is attached here. It looks like the navigation on the right is being loaded inside the logo div on the left, then placed to the right. This makes it jump which is obviously a bug. My sites affected: - betinadutoit.com - ulrichknoblauch.com - undonestore.com (here it's happening to the logo - using Clay) Has any one found a work around while Squarespace frantically scurry to fix this (I hope so SQS as this is a serious problem to my clients)? Thank you York-Menu_glitch.mov
  16. I am trying to add a page description under my title on my homepage. I am using Jasper template. current action is on hover, it displays title of the page. I am hoping for it to display title and small description on hover. any thoughts or code that might be able to achieve this? Image is of current action.
  17. Site URL: https://www.nateburdette.com/ I'm trying to change the background color of one page: nateburdette.com/nates-world I've tried a few things, and I can't get it to work for this template. Anyone know the trick, whether through custom CSS or header injection? Page: nateburdette.com/nates-world Collection ID: #collection-5e2f261508f8621492f2bab8 Desired background color: #f6f0ea
  18. I have site-wide page color set to #323232, but I need just one page to have a background of white. Header/footer to remain unchanged from system setting. I am using Harris template. I've tried a lot of CSS and header injection with no luck. All ideas appreciated. Thanks.
  19. Site URL: https://www.emi-sato.com/ I'm looking to align logo to the left using the York template. The standard setting is a center aligned. I can't find how to edit this. If anyone tell me how to achieve this using custom CSS, I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advanced for any help.
  20. Hi! Am wondering if it's possible to collapse landscape spacing only on some project pages, rather than all? Am using the Jasper theme and would prefer to have only some of the images in the project pages have a space. My website is unfinished right now so I can't post links, but have attached a screenshot to show what I have in mind. Thanks!
  21. Want to remove the Banner space in York template, so that artwork is near to header. Any help is greatly appreciated. cheers, MK
  22. Site URL: https://genehayesdesign.com I have the York template and the following custom CSS so I can get the Contact link in the nav to look like a button: div#secondaryNavWrapper .nav-item:last-child a { background: #000; color: #fff; padding: 5px 11px; border-radius: 50px; border: 2px solid #000; } div#secondaryNavWrapper .nav-item:last-child a:hover { transition: .1s; background: #effc8c; color: #000; } It seems that it's the a:hover that causes the nav to move around while the page loads, because it doesn't when I remove it. Any ideas?
  23. Site URL: http://www.chirp-design.com I am using the York Template for a portfolio site. When you click on an index thumbnail to open up a project page and scroll to the bottom, the index navigation is setup to read "NEXT" (which takes the user to the next project in the index). I love this feature, but would also like to include a "PREVIOUS" or "BACK" option as well so that users can navigate forward and backward through the index of projects. My site is not live yet, but here is a screenshot of the index navigation as it currently appears (just above the page footer). Does anyone know how to incorporate custom code to the index navigation so that it can move backward as well?
  24. I'm trying to have different indexes and their pages to have different background colors. Through my searches I've found that a lot of users were using something like such for a 'Photo', and 'Motion' index as an example: #index-section-photo .index-item { background-color: #ffffff !important; } #index-section-motion .index-item { background-color: #222222 !important; } I didn't get any results in the Custom CSS panel. Any ideas on what I may be doing wrong?
  25. Site URL: https://olivianeagle.com hello! i am looking to either adjust the mobile breakpoints or just force the desktop layout as the default on mobile as well for my wesbite. URL: olivianeagle.com. it was built using the lange template from the york family. this is mainly a concern for the home page — the tiles/videos per project i have set on desktop get cropped too tightly on mobile. i would like them to appear on mobile at the same or a similar aspect ratio as they appear on desktop. has anyone successfully done this? thanks in advance for any advice!
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