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  1. This is basically my question, too. How can one create a button or link that triggers a pop-up form to join a Squarespace-hosted newsletter?
  2. Ahh! Thank you! It worked when I put the code into the "Post Blog Item Code Injection." That's pretty counter-intuitive, but fortunately, in the template I'm using (Brine,) this code loads on the blog landing page but NOT on individual blog post pages. Thank you so much again!
  3. Wow, that's amazing, thanks! But unfortunately, this code is "too powerful," in the sense that it also redirects [direct links to individual blog posts]. I still want people to be able to access the individual blog posts. I only want to redirect people who try to access the one Blog Page.
  4. Hi there, anyone know a way to hide a blog page...that is, make it so visitors who attempt to go to, for example, sienaandtoast.com/podcast ...are just unable to see it, or are redirected to another page? What I'm trying to do is keep individual blog posts accessible, while blocking access to [the whole bird's eye view of all the blog posts] (which they'd be able to do easily if they just go to the blog page and see all of 'em there). Unfortunately, a redirect from the blog page just doesn't work because "Redirects only work if the page you're redirecting from has been deleted or disabled." <- per Sqsp support article and, I also don't want to require a password for this. Has anyone successfully done something like this? Thanks in advance for any insights!
  5. Would love to know about this, too. I haven't seen a way to allow customers to pay whatever they want, not force them to choose from among a pre-determined, limited list of "suggested amounts."
  6. Hey there @chloeamutio Ugh. Hope we get a response here soon. Too bad Facebook and Instagram don't provide a way to get in touch with them, that I can see, anyway. If you know of a way to get in touch with their support, that'd be great.
  7. Anyone savvy enough about Shopping on Instagram, to be able to give me some guidance on the following re/ set-up? I followed this Squarespace article Tagging products on Instagram and finished “Step 6 - Wait for Instagram approval” ten days ago (!), but Instagram’s app, Settings > Business still shows no “Shopping” option. I've already tried the log out/into the app, unin/reinstall the app, re-tried the set-up steps, but still no dice. INFO TO HELP TROUBLESHOOT Within Facebook Business Manager > Catalogs, there’s a section titled “Instagram Shopping” that: lists my Instagram Profile with the note “Not eligible for Instagram Shopping. Why?” a grayed-out toggle button with the label "Not Connected", that when hovered over, displays “This Instagram Business profile was not approved for Instagram Shopping. Learn More.” Both the “Why?” and “Learn More?” link to the IG article Set Up Requirements for Shopping on Instagram. I do satisfy all requirements listed in this article. Also within Facebook Business Manager > Business Settings: Accounts in Pages, my Facebook Page is listed as Owned by: Siena and Toast ID: 179449625400494 In Instagram Accounts, my IG account is listed as Owned by: Siena and Toast ID: 342269639219651 ...but with no explanation about the significance of these IDs, nor in the help articles I've found so far. Should these IDs match? If yes, where/how do I go about resolving this? Any other guidance as to how to set-up Shopping on Instagram?
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