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  1. Thanks so much, @edharris -- I really appreciate your help! I'm asking on behalf of a nonprofit org and will see if they want help setting up GA. Thanks again! Best, Cindy
  2. Hi all - Sorry to master the obvious, but can anyone confirm for me that there's no way within Squarespace Analytics to track clickthroughs from text links or images? I know you can track clicks on buttons and forms. I know you can create trackable links to/from ad platforms. But I just want to know how many clicks I get on a plain-old text link (and ideally, how many times a PDF is downloaded, but I know that's too much to ask). I know Google Analytics is far better than Squarespace Analytics, but I'm just starting out and would really like to avoid being overwhelmed by GA if at all possible. Many thanks for your help! Best, Cindy
  3. Hi - This was posted a year ago with no replies. I have the same question as Mike. We can't be the only ones dealing with this -- anyone have any tips on reusing an email campaign template for a blog post? Right now you have to either reformat or re-enter the copy, depending on whether you share the blog post or reuse an email campaign. Many thanks for any ideas!
  4. Site URL: https://www.cindyolnick.com/about Hi all -- Can I make the organization names under "Memberships" a bit smaller on this page without changing the rest of the body text? If so, how? Many thanks for your help! Best, Cindy
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