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  1. I noticed the same thing! Maybe try loading it as other instead of Squarespace from reward style?
  2. YAY! IT WORKED!One last question... is there way to have the item added to the cart first then direct to a different page? I may be asking too much :/-A.
  3. @AndreaDev the site is http://www.foutacolors.com/shop-traditional-foutas or any of the products within the shop.THANK YOUUU!
  4. Thank you so much for helping @AndreaDev !!! I tried everything I don't think it is working :( I have attached the site coding - which has the same names as the ones your listed above.I added it as a code within the additional information section and nothing happened. Any ideas?
  5. Once someone has clicked the add to cart button (and the item has gone to their cart). How do I automatically redirect them to another page within the site? I thought maybe changing the ecommerce site to allow express checkout - so once they click purchase it redirects them to the checkout page - but instead would redirect to another page within the site. Ex. They want to purchase a blanket within the shop. They select how many they need and then select "purchase". Once they click "purchase" they are then directed to a new page allowing them to purchase monogramming for that blanket. Thanks
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