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  1. Hi, I am building a site for a client. They want a lot of buttons on the top of the page that will work as anchor links to content on the page. however when I set them up the space between the buttons varies quite a lot and I cannot get them to be the same. Is there a work around on this issue?
  2. @tuanphan @HarKS did you figure out a solution? I have the same issue on 7.1
  3. as its a client with a new product I rather not. Hope you could still help? 🙌
  4. I am just about to go nuts. I have a section on a 7.1 site where I am trying to get a SHARP backgroundimage. But it seems no matter how I scale it it is unsharp. I have tried 2500 px wide image and larger. but no matter what it seems that it scales it a bit up and it looks unsharp. I tried both jpg and png. can you please help? and an other thing is a css for the image to be a bit smaller on mobile so I can see more of the image instead of it zoomed in and also unsharp. I cannot share link as it is a site im building for a new client. but I added an screendump kind regards
  5. Hi, Can anyone help me reducing the space there is from the top of a section to where the first element as for example text is starting within this section? I find there is too much space. Thank you Lisbet
  6. Hi, I would like to make a frontpage with an introduction of myself and then a section with my portfolio where you should be able to filter to view only for example "campaign" "illustration" and "graphic design" Does anyone have an idea for how to make this? Should I add the images as products or blogposts? Is there any way to have this in squarespace in a smooth way? like this feature: http://mportfolio.galaxy-themes.com/fashion/ Kind regards Lisbet
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