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  1. Hi, is there any way I can replace the left / right arrows of my carousel to a set of buttons (similar to the photo attached), on both browser and mobile? (Squarespace 7.1.)
  2. I have created a form (not newsletter button) which is saving my contacts in my Mailchimp list. The problem is that it is not showing First Name and Last Name in Mailchimp (even if I put it in in the form). Can anyone help me with this?
  3. https://indigo-accordion-abyj.squarespace.com/, PW is cfc
  4. Hi, I have a content section n my 7.1. site, where I would like to align the image on the RIGHT SIDE of the text, and then center it to have both aligned in the middle of the section. Right now, everything is aligned on the left side of the section, with the image on the left of the text. Can someone help me add some padding / a margin on the left side to push the content to the middle of the page, and then also move the image to the other side of the text?
  5. Hi, how do I give my banner background image a diagonal crop effect? My client managed to do this in 7.0 as a parallax, but is unsure how to recreate in 7.1. Please see image attached.
  6. Hi, I'm trying to give my footer background a gradient colour. I have used the following code: #footer { background: linear-gradient(to right, #42b7d4 , #3490dd , #0664b8 , #02457e)!important; } which works on my 7.0. site, but not on 7.1.. Can anyone help me with this?
  7. Hi, the page is still offline at the moment, I can't share it.
  8. Hi, I have added a newsletter signup form to my client's website, but my clients wants quite a lot of text as the 'submit' button (15 words) - it is too long so the button text just disappears completely. Any way to get a longer button submit text?
  9. Hi, I have created a form and I would like people that sign up to go into my Squarespace mailing list. However, I cannot find the option to do so? I remember I used to be able to do that. The reason I am choosing the form is that I need additional fields that the newsletter block does not have.
  10. I want the title and category to show below as is now, and only the excerpt upon hover.
  11. To which page header? I am working with blog posts, they don't have page header CSS section..
  12. https://www.herclimate.co.uk/ , PW is herclimate
  13. Hi, I am trying to add a dropdown using the markdown option on a specific blog post (to display Sources). I have followed the steps here: https://fallonmade.com/blog/accordion-dropdown-squarespace-css but I don't know where to put the page header code in so the dropdown actually works? I tried the blog advanced settings and also tried uploading as code block in the blog post but it doesn't seem to be working.
  14. Hi, I would like to change the default Month / Day (April 21) blog date format to Month and /year (April 21) in both the blog post itself and the metadata when displayed. Can someone help me with this?
  15. The site is not online yet, so can't give you a link. It's a normal summary block though.
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