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  1. MarieMF, have you found a solution to this yet? I took a look at MemberStack (thanks Duncan) and I don't see an option to add content for individual clients. I spoke with Smart Vault yesterday and they are more of a file sharing portal, without the nice UI. I still haven't found something that fits the bill. Wondering if you have had better successs. I know it's out there because I see client logins for businesses that I know have personalized content. I just can't figure out what they are using.
  2. Thanks for the CSS @paul2009. It worked perfectly for me.
  3. Another workaround is to use Zapier to push your form data from SS to Hubspot. Technically, the data will still sit in SS but will be added to Hubspot. You can add a property to the resulting contacts that identifies which SS list the contact came from. I realize this is probably to late to help now, but maybe someone in the future.
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