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How do you completely delete an image from a site?

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I found some directions on the squarespace help saying you can delete an image by going through the my library tab. I can see the image listed there but the option to delete it is not there. 

To be clear - i don't want to just remove the image from a page - i want to complete remove the image from my site so that it's no longer viewable/accessible. 


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If you delete all copies of the image from your site, Squarespace automatically removes the image sometime between 8 to 38 days later. 

If the image must be deleted sooner than this, the site owner should contact Squarespace Customer Care, including the following information:

  • Static URL Removal Request
  • The domain name or built-in domain 
  • The static URL(s) of the images you’d like to remove. If you need multiple assets removed, separate each URL with a comma.

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Hi all!

I wanted to share a quick update that you can now select/delete/upload multiple images at the same time from your site's library. As Paul mentioned, you can also reach out to our Customer Support team to have the static URL removed from out system. 

Here's some more information about removing images from your site's library: 


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