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Email alert before picking up purchase


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Hi! I'm not sure if this is possible....however I will try to explain what I am trying to do.

My client sells donuts. Flavours get updated every week. They want people to be able to order further out then a week, which means there is no real way to specify what donut flavour they would like to order. 

So I was thinking the customer could pop in the date they want to order for and a couple days before they pick it up they receive an email with current flavours. 

Is this even possible??

Thank in advance!

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Would email campaigns do for your needs?

More generally the concept of scheduled emails has been around for awhile. So it all just depends on your needs. You can go as simple as manually sending emails to a group all the way up to fancy systems that have calendars for sending, fancy email editing, etc.

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Yup, you just really need to establish a scheduled routine for the flavours (assuming its nothing too arbitrary). A creative alternative can be going through google sheets where you can create a logic timetable that you can connect to gmail. It'll send an automatic email to your contacts if the logical sequence is achieved!

Sounds a little complicated, an expert on google sheets can definitely do this for you. Hope this helps~

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