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My website banner image is distorted when accessed through the Instagram app! Help please :)

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Site URL: http://kelliepaxian.com

Hi everyone! I'm having a major problem that neither Squarespace, Apple, nor Instagram's support teams have been able to help me with, and it is losing me business by the day!

My website kelliepaxian.com shows up with distorted formatting (eg. the banner image is extremely zoomed in) when opened via the Instagram app (but only for iPhone users it seems). I've attached a screenshot of what it looks like on a browser (ie. what it's supposed to look like) and what it looks like when opened through Instagram.

This problem only arose within the last month or so.

Squarespace says they are unable to help me because Instagram is not one of their supported browsers, but this is my primary marketing platform and where almost all my website traffic comes from.

Things I have tried:

  • Accessing from different phones
  • Clearing my cache
  • Using a different photo
  • Cropping the photo differently
  • Updating the app

Any other suggestions would be SO appreciated! Thank you!

KelliePaxian.com Instagram presentation.jpeg

KelliePaxian.com Browser presentation.jpeg

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Posted (edited)

Hi I am having this same issue, except the image is getting shifted so much that half the border is white. I use to not have this issue and I am unsure what has started this. 




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